Mark’s BLOG Update

TypingI entered the world of blogging on August 16th, 2007.

It’s been quite a journey and I’ve enjoyed sharing a few thoughts on most days, as well as interacting with people’s opinions on a variety of topics.

Here are some statistics for your interest (as of Dec.25th, 2007):

  1. Total blog posts – 147
  2. Total page views since launch – 57,357
  3. Average page views per day – just over 441
  4. Total comments – 515 (an average of 3.5 per post)

Feel free to give any constructive feedback about the blog, including content, frequency of posts, length of posts, and topics covered so far.… Read the rest “Mark’s BLOG Update”

Merry Christmas!

ChristmasMerry Christmas!

Today, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Although, his birth probably took place in October rather than December, we take this opportunity to honour and worship Him.

Obviously, the Christmas story has accumulated a lot of extra trimmings over the years, with the addition of things like Santa Claus, Christmas trees, cards and holidays.Read the rest “Merry Christmas!”

Peace on Earth

Peace“Peace on Earth” – now there’s something I’m sure we’d all like to see more of, especially in an age of increasing conflict and tension. According to the Gospel of Luke that’s the message that the choir of angels gave when they announced the birth of Jesus Christ: “Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth and goodwill toward men!” 

When you hear the word “peace” you think of things such as harmony, rest, tranquillity and quietness.… Read the rest “Peace on Earth”

Christmas Humour

Red_wagon Little Johnny desperately wanted a bright red wagon for Christmas. His friends were writing letters to Santa Claus, but Johnny decided to go one better.

"Dear Jesus", he wrote. "If I get a red wagon for Christmas, I won’t fight with my brother Peter for a year." Then Johnny thought, "Oh, no, Peter is such a brat, I could never, ever keep that promise." So Johnny threw away the letter and started again.… Read the rest “Christmas Humour”

An Amazing Oma

Renata1Nicole’s mother, Renate Meyer (affectionately known as ‘Oma’, which is German for grandmother), passed away earlier this week, after an intense battle with cancer. Yesterday we held a thanksgiving service for her life.

We sang a few of her favorite songs – What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Praise the Name of Jesus, and Amazing Grace.… Read the rest “An Amazing Oma”

Life Planning [Day 13]

Road_windingLet’s move on to the next step in Life Planning …

STEP 5 – Do God’s Will

Paul’s instructions to the believers at Ephesus were action-orientated (Eph.5-6). He gave them things he wanted them to do. They were to take action, which meant to start doing things they weren’t already doing or to stop doing things that should not be done.Read the rest “Life Planning [Day 13]”

Life Planning [Day 9]

Road_winding_3In moving towards God’s Mission for your life, there will be changes you need to make. God leads us day by day, step by step, level by level, and season by season.

Another helpful analogy is shifting gears. There are times when God wants us to transition to a new gear, so we can move faster on less energy.… Read the rest “Life Planning [Day 9]”