How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.4)

Employee Here is the fourth tip …

ACCEPT feedback



·         Be open and teachable. Avoid any attitudes of pride and arrogance.

One of the characteristics of wise people is their openness to feedback and instruction. One of the characteristics of fools is their lack of openness to feedback and their arrogant belief that they’re ‘okay’ (see Prov.9:7-9; 10:8, 17; 15:31-32; 29:1).Read the rest “How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.4)”

A Leader’s Survey

SurveyOne of the challenges a pastor faces, especially of a large church, is the inability to know and relate with every person who is part of the church. One way to get a bit of pulse on how your leaders or congregation are going, in addition to spontaneous impromptu conversations from time to time, is through the use of a survey.… Read the rest “A Leader’s Survey”