A new day.
A fresh start
A clear page
Wonders waiting to be discovered. 

New dreams yet to be born.
Visions still unseen.
Insights unknown.
Wisdom from God's world. 

Yesterday is gone.
Only a memory now.
Lessons learnt.
Experience gained. 

Tomorrow's not yet here.… Read the rest

Marine Expedition


God's world.
The power of the sea.
Endless motion. 
Seasons come and go.
The sands of time. 
Vast humanity.
Creation care. 
Human achievements are but castles in the sand.
Shaped by relentless movement and motion. 
His love never fails. 
His faithfulness reaches beyond – from generation to generation. … Read the rest



Questions, doubts, disappointments
Like a wet blanket settling down
Lower, deeper, darker
Feels like your going to drown 

Can't cope, can't breathe
Intense pressure mounting
Will it ever ease? 
A burden, a weight, heaviness

Dark clouds, stormy wind, rainy days

Frazzled mind
Numb heart 
Spirit down
Weak will 

Is there a light?… Read the rest



Be a light
In stormy sea
and gusty wind
Show the way

Faithful and true
Solid and strong
Built on the rock

Shine bright
Be clear
Stay at your post
True to your calling

[Mark Conner – 6th January, 2015]

[Picture taken near Point Londsale, Victoria]Read the rest



Seasons come and seasons go
The sun rises then sets
Day turns to night
Summer to winter

Time is always moving
It never stops
Ceaseless forward motion
The cycle of life

The past is gone
The future’s not yet here
The present is all we have
Right here, right now

Be at peace
Let anxiety go
Say goodbye to regret
Worry’s a waste, you know

Live in this moment
Fully present
Fully alive
God is the great I AM

Feel His love
Never far away
Wake up!… Read the rest

Life’s Journey


The journey is difficult at times

Shadows fall
Can’t quite see
A little dark
Sunshine is far away

The path is narrow
Seems confined
Can’t go back
But can’t see far ahead

Take the ancient path
Ways well trodden
Pilgrim travellers
Spirit led

Going home
That’s the call
Keep on walking
Not alone

[Mark Conner – 5th January, 2015]

[Picture taken on pathway near Point Lonsdale, Victoria]Read the rest

The Joy of HOME


"Christ is in me, and I in Christ.

In Christ, my home,  I belong – I see and am seen, I hear and am heard, I love and am loved – I belong.

In Christ, my home,  I am safe – there is nothing that separates me from Him.Read the rest



In the shadows 
A cold chill
Shivering spine 
Dark and dreary

Feeling down
Low mood
Flat and lifeless
Depressing thoughts

Get up
Take a step
Just one
Start to move

Toward the light
The warmth of God's love 
Feel the hope
Live again

Energy returns 
Clouds clear 
See again
God is here

[Mark Conner – 5th July 2014]Read the rest


E41A178DD0B749BEACC4197D9587E940An open door
Opportunity knocks
Someone calling
A mountain to climb

Divine opportunity?
Or nice distraction?
Hard to tell
Difficult to know

Did it choose me?
Or did I choose it?
Is my heart leading? 
Or simply following the lead?

Am I writing the script?… Read the rest



Day of rest
Work now done
Life is blessed
Thank the Son

No need for more
Just this moment
Time to pause

Let go
Say 'No'

Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow hasn't come
Today is life 
The Great I AM

In the air

Here and now
Quite profound

Can you hear?… Read the rest

Morning Moments


Quiet and still
A new day born

Birds singing
Heart beating 

Before the rush
Before the noise
Cacophony of activity
Whirlwind of productivity
It's coming …

Be still
No rush

All you need
All you desire
Here right now
Come up higher

Holy place
Sacred time
Not alone
Heavenly company

Breathe out
Fear and worry
Breathe in
Peace and joy

Gentle brook 
Deep and wide
Come and drink
Life inside

Stay awhile …

Morning moments

[Mark Conner – 24th February 2014]Read the rest

The Great Exchange

Great ExchangeMusing replaced by amusement 
Preoccupation over meditation 
Noise for quiet 
Activity for depth

Elders replaced by celebrities 
Glitz over substance
Acting for being
Gossip for wisdom

Better replaced by bigger
Trendy over timeless
Speed for well-being
Quick fix for deep change

Time for a great reversal

Selfishness replaced by love 
Joy over sorrow 
Grace for guilt
Peace for the storm

Lies replaced by truth
Justice over abuse
Hope for despair 
Good news for bad

Lethargy replaced by passion
Purpose over aimlessness 
Courage for fear
Faith for doubt 

God over all and in all

Ready to swap?Read the rest

An Invitation

InviteGod in human form
God with us

Jesus calls
Follow me
Will we go?

Spirit calls
Gentle whisper
Will we hear?

Father waits
We play with toys
Will we turn?

An invitation
From heaven’s throne room
Come and see

Other invitations
Distant preoccupations
Distract and clutter

For my heart
Tug of war

Who wouldn’t go?Read the rest

A New Day

NewA new day …








[Mark Conner – January 24th 2014]Read the rest

The Cycle of Life



Struggle … caterpillar … earth bound  

 Darkness … cocoon … transformation

  New birth … butterfly … flight

   New life … colour … beauty … 

    Sudden death – one life for another

     All too soon. Read the rest