NEW Book Coming: “How Not to Burnout”

Watch out next month for the release of my latest book “How Not to Burnout – Five Habits of Healthy Living.”

Here is the description:

“In a world of rapid change, growing complexity and increasing pressure, stress and burnout are becoming common place. In this practical book, Mark Conner shares five habits for healthy living, gleaned from his decades of experience as an organisational leader and Christian minister.”

I wrote this book for the following reasons:

  1. To help people live healthier lives and avoid the dire affects of burnout. 
  2. To give leaders and people in high demand vocations principles and habits for staying fresh.
  3. To offer hope to people who are currently burnt out and wondering if they will ever have the same energy again. 
  4. To provide a model of healthy living that can be passed on to others, especially team members in organisations, teams and churches, hopefully resulting in healthier and more sustainable cultures.
  5. To share my story of leading in the church environment for over three decades which included two experiences of burnout, both of which I was able to work through and learn from. 
  6. To share some insights about sabbaticals and the positive impact they can have for those in a long term ministry or leadership role. 

I look forward to the positive impact that I believe this book will have.

Here are a few initial endorsements:

“Burnout wreaks havoc to self, family, leadership team, ministry and congregation. These can happen way before the pastor becomes aware of the source of the domino effect. Mark Conner is a pastor to pastors when it comes to this topic and Churches of Christ Victoria and Tasmania is greatly appreciative of his gentle, sincere and firm appeal to leaders to stay healthy.”

Philip Kua

Team Leader for Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania

“Mark Conner is one of those rare authentic Christian leaders who admits to one of the dark sides of ministry from personal experience, recovers and tells his story of learnings. In an increasingly complex ministry environment this exceptional book has the potential to ‘stop the rot’ of burnout for the reader who is serious about finishing the race.”

Phillip Mutzelburg
President Emeritus of the Act 2 Alliance
Founding Chair of the Willow Creek Association Australia