Stormy Winds


Have you ever been in the middle of a storm – a literal one or maybe a storm of adverse circumstances? I sure have – many of them and of all kinds. In fact, just over three years ago, Nicole and I were in the middle of what felt like a perfect storm. It was bigger and more fierce than anything we had ever experienced before and it was totality beyond our ability to control or navigate. There were headwinds blowing at us from multiple directions. Everything seemed to be shaking and we felt like we were in a spin of ginormous proportions.

Recently, as I was preparing for a message on “Navigating the Storms of Life“, I was looking back through my journal and came across a poem I wrote at the time called “Stormy Winds”. Through it, I tried to express my feelings.

The good news is … we survived! Although we still are encountering various storms from time to time, our life is now characterized by a much greater degree of calm, along with gentle waves of peace and joy. Yet back then, I honestly wasn’t sure we would make it through that storm alive.

I share this as encouragement for you today – especially if you are in a storm of your own.

I set out to sea so long ago
Visions of exciting worlds
A strong vessel, weather-proven
A strong and energetic heart


Fellow sailors and travelers too
A map and a compass
Learning the ropes
The thrill of adventure in my bones


Oh the joy of catching the wind
Carried along by an invisible force
Momentum and power
Watch out world, here we come


Some rough seas along the way
Swirling winds, rainy days
Be strong, conquer fear
Stay the course, this will pass


Sunny days, warm delight
Feel the Father’s love
Like a shining light
From up above


Dark nights too
Hard to see ahead
Led by distant stars
Waiting for sunrise again


Then the storms
Wind, rain, and hail
Thunder and lightning
With a whip in their tail


Crashing waves
Breaking wood
Fearful companions
Will we survive?


Then peace and calm
A new day dawns
Faithful God
Hope is born


Now the perfect storm
A trifecta of winds
From every direction
Is this the end?


Seems like no way out
Abandon ship
Or crash the reef?
No idea what to do


Feeling weary and down
One storm too many
Weather-beaten and afraid
Not sure what’s ahead


Is there a light?
Is there a word?
Can peace conquer this storm?
God, I’m really not sure


At the mercy of the winds
Trying to stay the course
Yet afraid of the deep
Can I hold on much longer?


Only God knows


“The Lord has his way in the whirlwind and the storm.” Nahum 1:3. NKJV


[Lake Painting – The Perfect Storm by Michael Swanson]

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