My New Blog

Well, here we go – I’ve started a blog! It’s a chance for me to share my thoughts and feelings on a range of things I’m interested in. It’s also a chance for me to listen to what others are thinking and feeling about similar things.

It’s a whole new world and I feel a bit like someone taking a swim in the ocean for the first time.

Anyway, here we go …

Best Preaching Books

Learning to communicate God’s Word in a way that captures people’s attention and imparts principles for life change is quite an art. Even after years of hearing many excellent preachers and gaining much preaching experience myself in a variety of settings, I’m still learning.

Here is a list of the most helpful books I’ve read:

  1. Communicating for a Change – by Andy Stanley
  2. Preaching with Purpose – by J.E. Adams
  3. Biblical Preaching – by Haddon Robison
  4. How to Speak so Youth Will Listen – by Ken Davis

Rick Warren also has an excellent course called ‘Preaching to Change Lives’ which is on CD or DVD with an accompanying manual.