Christmas 3. Strengthen Your Team.

All of us do life, work, and ministry with other people. We are all part of some sort of team, maybe even as a leader of a team.

Spend some extra time with these important people before Christmas.

  • Encourage them and express appreciation to them for who they are and how they have benefited your life. Remember, encouragement is like oxygen to the soul – we all need lots of it.
  • Give them feedback on what they have done well.
  • If you are a leader, coach people on your team a little by sharing some ways they can grow or improve.
  • Talk about the future. What is the vision that you are passionate about seeing become a reality?

December is a busy time. Don't get caught up in only the things that YOU need to do. Be aware of the people around you. Connect and relate to them even more intentionally during this time. Finish the year well together.

3 thoughts on “7 Things To Do Before Christmas (Pt.3)

  1. Hi Mark and Nicole,
    Thanks for your blog – I often read it and find it useful/thought provoking.
    Am currently reading a book you probably should take a look at if you haven’t already- your Dad features in it and you will undoubtedly be hearing about it very soon-
    it’s called ‘Apostles of Fear’ by Melbourne journalist Morag Zwartz. I know you’re not a couple who make knee-jerk responses and I know you won’t do that with this book- it raises many important issues related to churches whose members abuse others and move into cult-like activity- another book along these lines that is worth reading is ‘Behind the Exclusive Brethren’ by Age journalist Michael Blanchard.
    The experiences outlined in both these books are common experiences to many people involved with churches throughout Australia, and the issues raised need to be seriously grappled with if the church is to be a credible witness and voice in our society.

  2. Hi Helen. Yes, I am aware of this book. In fact, I am currently reading it and I have met Morag before. It is a sad story she is telling but a lot of truth in it. Yes, my dad gets quite a mention in it. He confronted the leader involved but was shut down and basically excommunicated because of it, after which our family moved to the USA for 10 years.
    Spiritual abuse is a terrible thing and needs to be exposed for what it is. You might like to read my posts on this topic from last month.

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