Many years ago, when Nicole and I were working for my dad, Kevin Conner, who was then the Senior Minister of Waverley Christian Fellowship (now CityLife Church), we had a number of people advise us to consider moving away for a few years. They thought it would be good for me to get out from under my ‘dad’s shadow’ and grow to become my own person.

We gave it serious thought over a few months and even had conversations with two churches interstate. But we weren’t sure. What was the right thing to do? Should we go? Should we stay? What was God’s will?

If you have ever had a similar situation, then you are normal! Even the great apostle Paul had times where he was trying to figure out his next step – something that took time, as well as trial and error, and a few closed doors before the right one opened up (see Acts 16:6-10).

There are many wrong approaches to this whole idea of God’s will – including approaches that are fatalistic, negative, frustrating, fearful, and overly mystical! Thankfully, we have been given a good GPS – ‘God’s Positioning System’ – to help us on our journey. It includes the Bible, wisdom, circumstances, the inner witness of the Holy Spirit, and at times supernatural indicators. They bigger the decision and the greater the risk, the more we need multiple ‘lights’ to line up.

Our journey through life is a process of decision-making. Every day is a day of decisions. Where we are today is in many ways a result of the decisions we made yesterday and where we will be tomorrow will be influenced by the decisions we make today. Choose wisely! Choose life.

I unpacked this whole idea of knowing God’s will recently in a two part teaching series at Bayside Church in Melbourne. If you’d like to listen to it, then here are the video links:

By the way, we never did leave … and we are sure glad we didn’t. Beware of people who like to project their good intentions on to your life. Take time to be still, to read your own heart, and to know what is best for you and your future.

Enjoy … and all the best for a bold and courageous 2019!

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