Only one hunderd years ago the average human life span was less than 50 years. Today, we are one of the first generations to live long enough to have two considerably lengthy halves of life. Even at the age of 50, although you will have already had 30 years of work and contribution, you have a possible additional 'second half' of another 30 years or more of contribution. In our first half we tend to focus on whatever we define as 'success'. It's wise to have a good 'halftime' experience in order to reflect on our life and ensure that our second half has a greater focus on 'significance'. 

Bob Buford writes about this life perspective in his best-selling book Halftime: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance. Building on this concept, the Halftime Institute exists to assist people from all walks of life to pause, reflect and discover what they want to achieve in the second half of their life.

Halftime Australia is led by my good friend, John Sikkema. They provide a range of services including coaching, personal mentoring and round tables with groups of people seeking this similar clarity.

I highly recommend this organisation to you, knowing it will greatly benefit your life, as it has mine. Why not give John a call and see how Halftime could assist you in your life journey.