LeadIt is often said that everything rises and falls on leadership. No doubt, there is a lot of truth in that statement. Any time you find something good happening, you can usually trace it back to a leader who is leading well. Any time you find something falling apart, you can usually trace is back to the absence of a leader or a leader who is leading poorly. This is true in the family, the local community, the church, in business and in the nation. 

The debates continues as to whether leaders are born or made. Of course, all leaders are born but even gifted leaders need to develop their leadership ability. I also believe that everyone can learn principles of leadership that will assist them in being a more positive influence on those around about them. 

In my BLOG, I have written a host of articles on the subject of leadership, covering topics such as: leading change, perseverance, a leader's self-care, evaluating your leadership, the role of the Senior Minister, women in leadership, and sabbaticals. 

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