My favourite fun things to do include …

  • Playing basketball
  • Walking our dogs with Nicole
  • Hanging out with my kids
  • Spending time with friends
  • Looking after my tropical fish aquarium
  • Reading
  • Playing pool
  • Watching a good movie
  • Watching sport on TV – NBA or Geelong Cats
  • Playing the piano
  • Cooking
  • Driving Nicole’s red Mini Cooper with the roof off (when she lets me, which is not often!)
  • Posting on my blog …

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Fun Things to Do

  1. Well done Mark. Nicely presented and I do admire your wisdom when writing or indeed speaking. Keep up the extraordinary work!

  2. Hi Mark, I’m a member of the Oxygen 18-25s group. I just read that you’re into the NBA. I’m a casual follower, getting into it mostly around the playoff period. Do you follow it closely? Do you have a favorite team and/or player?

  3. Hi Daniel. Yes, I do follow the NBA season fairly closely. I like Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (too bad they lost last year!). I also like watching Dwayne Wade play. My boys and I watch some games on FOXTEL, including NBA Action, and I check out from time to time.

  4. Fred is cooking the tea and I’m reading him your Blog! He says he is absolutely blown away by what you have been able to achieve through your studies (continuing) under the Hand of God. Praise God.
    Ruth is pleased you enjoy playing the piano at home … could you please play and sing for us and to God’s Glory at CityLife one day soon?
    Fred & Ruth
    P.S. We didn’t get your CityLife News Email this week. Hope we haven’t gone off the list!

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