Chains_5Let’s look at a fourth possible access point to the enemy of our souls …

4. Hurts.

Hurts are unhealed wounds from the past that may come from things such as abuse, rejection, and unresolved conflicts. Our natural response to these sorts of things is anger, hatred, and bitterness. However, these things tie us up on the inside, sapping the life out of us, and giving potential access to the enemy. That’s why Jesus tells us very clearly to forgive those who have hurt us, or we open ourselves up to spiritual ‘torment (see Matt.18:34-35. Eph.4:27).

We’ve already read how that unresolved anger can give the devil a ‘foothold’ in our lives (Eph.4:27).

With God’s help we can forgive those who have offended us, releasing them to God who is just, ensuring we keep ourselves free from bondage.

Experincing Spiritual Freedom

Please notice that these are ‘possible’ access points. Just having one or more of these things in your life does not automatically mean you are being influenced by demonic spirits, any more than leaving your door unlocked in your home means you’ve been robbed. However, you need to be on guard.

So what do we do if some of these access points are relevant to our lives? Do we need deliverance ministry? Sometimes that can be necessary but more often than not we can find freedom in Christ through some simple steps.

We begin with doing what is necessary to close these access points up.

Dealing with symptoms without getting to the root cause will not be helpful. Demonic spirits could be likened to flies or rats in that they’re attracted to wounds and garbage (rotting things). Instead of just swatting at the flies or yelling at the rats and causing quite a commotion, it is wiser and more effective to help bring healing to the wound and to remove any garbage that may be attracting them. If you do this effectively, you’ll find that the flies and the rats will disappear without a fuss. At CityLife Church, we believe this is a much more balanced approach to this important area of ministry.

Freedom sometimes occurs instantly through the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it takes a process of time (renewing our mind, healing our emotions, and strengthening our will).

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