If you think about it, the entire population of the world, with one exception, is composed of OTHERS.

What would life look like if we stopped seeking to get everyone else to revolve around US and started taking OTHER people’s needs and interests as our first concern. That would be pretty counter-cultural in a world that tells us to “Look out for number 1!”

What kind of a world are we creating when everyone wants everything and everyone to orbit around them? When people do things and give affection to others, only as long as it helps meet his or her personal goals and needs, nobody gets anywhere. Life becomes hazardous.

What would it look like if today we each made a move – away from self-centered living towards self-giving love … for OTHERS. What if we all focused on accepting, serving, giving to, seeking the welfare of, and honoring others? What a different world it would be!

Okay, I can hear some of you thinking, “What about me? It isn’t fair …” Well, the truth is, that it is often in giving that we also receive.

Others … think about it. 

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