There are a variety of Mark’s messages available on the web in audio and/or video format. Here are links to a few videos:

Mark’s Recent Transition from CityLife Church:

      • Mark’s announcement [12:58] about transitioning out of his role as Senior Minister of CityLife Church (28th February 2016).
      • Mark’s message on Navigating Transitions [37:16] at the INSPIRE Conference (18th July 2016).
      • Mark speaks at the CityLife Church’s 50th anniversary celebrations [34:44]. From small beginnings back in 1967, CityLife has grown to become a thriving community of people, congregations and ministries both locally and overseas. In this message (audio), Mark takes a trip down memory lane to reflect on God’s work throughout the church’s history, in  order to celebrate all he is doing today and anticipate the future.
      • Mark’s farewell message [37:56] at CityLife Church (19th February 2017). The full church service is available on video too [1:47:43] – the actual service starts at [7:20].


      • Mark take a trip down memory lane as he leads a worship medley [20:18] from the piano at the INSPIRE Conference (18th July 2016).
      • In 1992, Mark led worship for Integrity Music’s first international album All Nations Worship [45:06]. Audio only.

Other Messages

      • Mark speaks at Holy Trinity Bromptom on Freedom from Worry [28:53] on 17th March 2016.
      • Mark speaks on A Church United [45:10] at CityLife in preparation for the city-wide Melbourne Church Unite event (10th October 2016). One of Jesus’ last prayers was for his followers to be one as he and the Father are one. In this message, Mark looks at the importance and the power of unity between Christians and churches.
      • Mark speaks on Omega – How Will It All End? [41:03] at CityLife (23rd October 2016)One of the last questions Jesus’ disciples asked him was about the end of the world. People’s fascination with ‘end times’ continues to this day. In this message, Mark shares some insights from the New Testament writings about what’s ahead for our world.
      • Mark speaks on Connecting with God and Connecting with People [1:22:30] at the Europe Conference in Uppsala Sweden (10th March 2015). Includes translation into Swedish.
      • Mark addresses the common human experience of disappointment as he speaks on We Had Hoped a [1:04:38] at the Europe Conference in Uppsala Sweden (10th March 2015). Includes translation into Swedish.
      • Mark speaks at the Innovate Conference at Gateway Church in Frankston [39:00] on Impacting Our Community (24th July 2014).