Images-13 A few years ago, I was having lunch with a friend of mine. I asked him how he was doing and he said he was “great.” He then asked me how I was doing. I hesitated at first but then I answered honestly.… Read the rest


Images-12 Imagine a group of people seated in a circle with a small table in the middle. Let’s now put an object on the table – a vase.

Here are three very important observations: 

First of all, no one sees the vase exactly the same.… Read the rest

The Call to Obey (Pt.3)

The Importance of Motivation

In our relationship with Jesus, it is important to realize that he does not begin with the call to obey. He calls us to come, to follow, to believe, to abide and over time he calls us to also obey.… Read the rest

The Call to Obey (Pt.2)

Jesus is both Saviour and Lord

As we take the journey of following Jesus, along the way we start to see who Jesus really is. When Jesus was on earth, there were many opinions as to his identity. Some thought he was Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the prophets back from the dead (Matt.16:13-15).… Read the rest

The Call to Obey (Pt.1)

This year our focus at CityLife Church is simply on following Jesus. We have been reflecting on Jesus’ call to come to him (Matt.11:28-30), to follow him (Luke 5:27-32), to believe him (John 20:19-31) and to abide in him (John 15).… Read the rest

Random Thought #7: Love over All!

Images-10 7.  Love over all!

For all of the many things and activities we will be involved in this year, let’s remember that LOVE (for God and people) is to be primary!

Remember the Ephesus story. This was a church that experienced an unprecedented revival (see Acts 19).… Read the rest

Random Thought #6: Exiles over Kings

Images-10 6. Exiles over Kings.

A theological reflection … We are now living and ministering in a different environment and we need to think differently in response to this change.

Here are some thoughts from Walter Brueggemann's insightful book, Cadences of Home: Preaching Among Exiles where he encourages us to rethink various church models through Scripture:

1.Read the rest

Random Thought #5 – Stories over Numbers

Images-10 5.  Stories over Numbers

Like most churches, we have a lot of important numbers that we count and look at (attendance, salvations, baptisms, partners, volunteers, leaders and giving). However, we must continually remind ourselves that it’s all about the PEOPLE!

The Bible is a story about God and people and their journey together.… Read the rest

Random Thought #4 – Practices over Beliefs

Images-10 4.  Practices over Beliefs

We BELIEVE at lot of good things! Most churches have an orthodox "Statement of Faith" and many have articulated an admirable list of "Core Values." However, we must go beyond this. Beliefs are very important but we must move to ensuring that practices flow out of those beliefs.… Read the rest

Random Thought #3 – Being over Doing

Images-10 3.  Being over Doing

Yes, we will be DOING a lot this year! However, who we ARE speaks louder than what we SAY or what we DO. It affects HOW we go about what we do on a daily basis. Qualities such as gratitude, joyfulness, enthusiasm, and willingness are vital.… Read the rest

Random Thoughts #1 – Presence over Programs

Images-10 At our first church staff meeting in early February this year, I shared 7 Random Thoughts relevant to our ministry this year. I think that we are in a significant season of change. Transition and shifts are taking place at every level of our world, our church and our personal lives.… Read the rest

The Dignity of Work

Images-11 "Most of what Jesus said and did took place in a secular workplace in a farmer's field, in a fishing boat, at a wedding feast, in a cemetery, at a public well asking a woman he didn't know for a drink of water, on a country hillside that he turned into a huge picnic, in a court room, having supper in homes with acquaintances or friends.… Read the rest

Dealing with DOUBT (Pt.2)

Unknown-4 Jesus’ instruction to Thomas was "Stop doubting and believe." Jesus calls us to develop a permanent attitude of openness and trust toward Him – not just to be open to him and trust him on any one occasion, but to be like this ALL the time. Yes,… Read the rest