Stories Around the Cross – The Denial

The Denial (Mark 14:27-31, 66-72) The theme of abandonment overshadows many of the Stories Around the Cross. Jesus was abandoned by betrayal (Judas), by indifference (the disciples sleeping three times in Gethsemane), and by denial and desertion (Peter and the Twelve). When Jesus needed them the most, his friends left him alone. They all participated … Continue reading Stories Around the Cross – The Denial

Life’s Journey

Mountain top and valleySunshine and rainCalm and stormEase and pain Joy and sorrowHope and disappointmentLaughter and tearsKnown and unknown  Darkness and lightNight and daySummer and winter Blue skies and fog Confidence and fearFaith and doubtAnswers and questionsLost and found Enemies and friendsAcceptance and rejectionApproval and shameSin and forgiveness  War and peace Unity and conflict High and low Life and … Continue reading Life’s Journey


At another crossroadsSo many optionsDestination competitionLoud voicesMultiplicity of signs Stay on the same courseOr make a turn?Popular highwayOr the road less travelled? Moving fastTrying to read the mapTraffic congestionImportant decisions Take a pit stopPull out of the raceJust for a momentCatch your bearings Where have you been?Where have you come from?Where are you now?Pin point … Continue reading Crossroads