Has Science Buried God? with John Lennox

Unfortunately, many people today see science and faith as enemies rather than friends. Thankfully, there are an increasing number of scientists and intellectuals who are speaking out about their faith. John Lennox is one of them. John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, is an internationally renowned speaker on the interface of science, philosophy … Continue reading Has Science Buried God? with John Lennox

C.S. Lewis – Objection #5: Imagination

C.S. Lewis struggled with Imagination: Isn't faith merely imaginary? Reason and imagination were important to Lewis because they had once been separated in his own life but were later brought together. For him, meaning often came through imagination. For some, imagination can seem like an escape from reality. In contrast, Lewis believed that stories can … Continue reading C.S. Lewis – Objection #5: Imagination