The iPad

Okay, confession time ... I have an iPad ... and it is really cool. It hasn't replaced my phone or my laptop ... yet ... but it does a lot of things really well. It is brilliant for browsing the internet, doing email and checking your calendar. The eBook reader on it is much better … Continue reading The iPad

A New Online Bible has launched a free online Bible called YouVersion. YouVersion has been growing by hundreds of thousands of users each month. Almost 7 million people are reading the Bible through one of their mobile apps, including the iPhone and the newly released iPad. Check out their BLOG here. In addition to multiple translations being available, … Continue reading A New Online Bible

Implementing Change

Ideas usually cannot be imported without modification. The cultures and other aspects of leadership and management are different; therefore, that they fail without some modification shouldn't be surprising. Even adopting simple devices may cause problems. For example, traffic signals were invented in England, although the version used today was developed in the United States. Despite … Continue reading Implementing Change

Daily Habits

Life is made up of daily habits. Our habits combine to shape who we are and who we will become. Habits are practices that we do repeatedly, often without awareness. Reflecting on our habits and then intentionally creating healthy habits is an important part of personal growth. Disciples of Jesus are those who discipline themselves … Continue reading Daily Habits

The Gospel of John

Our church is currently reading through the Gospel of John together (click here for the reading plan as well as other related resources, including Bible devotional thoughts). John would be many people's favorite gospel, because of its uniqueness. Many of our most well-known Bible verses come from John such as "God so loved the world that … Continue reading The Gospel of John


This month, the number of people using Facebook will pass the 500 million mark. This is astounding when you consider that it was only six ago that years after Harvard graduate Mark Zuckerberg helped found Facebook in his dorm room as a way for students to keep tabs on one another. If Facebook was a … Continue reading Facebook