How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.5)

Employee Here is the fifth and final point …

MAKE a difference in someone’s life

It’s great to ‘Do your Job with Excellence’, to ‘Relate to People Well’, to ‘Enjoy your Work’ and to ‘Accept Feedback”. That’s a good foundation for being a DREAM employee.Read the rest

How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.4)

Employee Here is the fourth tip …

ACCEPT feedback



·         Be open and teachable. Avoid any attitudes of pride and arrogance.

One of the characteristics of wise people is their openness to feedback and instruction. One of the characteristics of fools is their lack of openness to feedback and their arrogant belief that they’re ‘okay’ (see Prov.9:7-9; 10:8, 17; 15:31-32; 29:1).Read the rest

How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.3)

Employee Here is my third recommendation …

ENJOY your job



·         See the value and importance of what you are doing. Think highly of your work.

If you don’t love what you’re doing, go and do something else!Read the rest

How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.2)

Employee Here is step 2, if you want to be a DREAM employee:

RELATE well to other people



·         Be a friendly and considerate person to everyone you work with and for.

The greatest commandments are to love God with all our being and to love our neighbour as ourselves.Read the rest

How to be a DREAM Employee (Pt.1)

Employee Most of us spend a great deal of our time at work. Work is part of God's purpose for our lives. It is not part of the curse. It was God's plan for us right from the beginning. He has designed us to be most fulfilled and most joyful when we are making a contribution.… Read the rest

Why Men are Happier Than Women

Men happier than women With our annual men's conference about to start, I thought some male/female humour would be a bit of fun for today's blog post.



  • The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades. 
  • Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
  • Read the rest

    Communicating to Change Lives (Pt.7)

    Communication_6The fifth and final question I ask is …

    5. “How will I say it?” [The Method]

    Be practical. If the goal of preaching is changed lives, then application is the primary task of preaching! Knowledge doesn’t change the world, but action does (Luke 10:37.… Read the rest

    Communicating to Change Lives (Pt.5)

    Communication_4The third question I ask is …

    3. “What will I say?” [The Message]

    Once you have established your purpose and formulated an objective statement, you are ready to do your research and prepare the content of your message. Purpose first, then content and outline.… Read the rest

    Communicating to Change Lives (Pt.4)

    Communication_3The second question I ask is …

    2. “What am I trying to say?” [Purpose]

    Purpose is basic and central in preaching. You need a well-understood, clearly articulated and biblically justifiable purpose for your message. It is on this that you plan and execute everything you do when you preach.… Read the rest

    Communicating to Change Lives (Pt.2)

    Communication_3Jesus was a master communicator and therefore he is our model for preaching to change lives. Jesus was the greatest speaker, teacher and communicator who ever existed. He spoke to large audiences in places like the synagogues, the mountainside, the seaside, and in the streets.Read the rest

    Communicating to Change Lives (Pt.1)

    Communication_2A healthy growing church has good leadership and good teaching. It is well-led and well-fed. There is clear vision and change is occurring in people's lives. Teaching heats up the church’s values. It is like a rudder that steers the church in the right direction.… Read the rest

    The Canaanite Genocide

    GenocideOne of the challenges of reading the Old Testament is gaining an understanding of the Canaanite genocide. When the nation of Israel went into the Promised Land of Canaan, God commanded them to kill all of the people living there, including women and children.Read the rest

    A Leader’s Survey

    SurveyOne of the challenges a pastor faces, especially of a large church, is the inability to know and relate with every person who is part of the church. One way to get a bit of pulse on how your leaders or congregation are going, in addition to spontaneous impromptu conversations from time to time, is through the use of a survey.… Read the rest