Have you ever seen someone who is really good at what they do? We’re talking about excellence. It can be quite inspiring, even breath-taking.

Of course, when we see someone who excels at what they do, we don’t see the process or the journey over time that they took to get there.… Read the rest



Some of life’s BIG questions include: “Who am I?” “What is the meaning of life?” “Where am I going?” and “What am I here for?”

That last question is an important one. It taps into our purpose, our calling, our life contribution, our vocation.… Read the rest



One of the most powerful things you can give another person is the gift of empathy.

I remember hearing a story about a man sitting on a train, reading his newspaper when another man came on to the train and sat right next to him.… Read the rest


VulnerabilityI’ll never forget having lunch with a friend a few years back. As we sat down, I asked him how he was going. “Awesome” was his answer and he went on to tell me about a bunch of good things happening in his life at that time.… Read the rest



Each year a new word is added to the English dictionary. A few years back, in 2013, it was the word ‘selfie’. Yes, there is nothing like a good ‘selfie’ taken with your mobile phone and maybe even with a selfie extension.… Read the rest

Your Story Building Project (Part 3)


God’s work of renovation is designed to make us more like Jesus so that we can have a greater positive impact on our world. Ask yourself, “Is there anything about my life that makes being a Christian attractive to the world?” We are to be a sweet smelling aroma not someone carrying around stinking attitudes.… Read the rest

Your Story Building Project (Part 2)


How Do We Co-Operate With God's Work of Renovation is Our Lives?

Firstly, let go of the past. See yesterday's post.

Secondly, deal with what is happening today.

God is more interested in who we are becoming (our character) than what we are doing for him (our achievements).… Read the rest

Your Story Building Project (Part 1)


Not only is the church God's story building project, you individually are also. The apostle Paul puts it this way:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?Read the rest


Wall-of-ShameHave you ever fallen flat on your face? Have you ever disappointed yourself, others or God? Maybe it was a sin, a mistake or a personal failure. For some reason, you didn't live up to your own expectations or promises.

We have all experienced this, at one time or another.… Read the rest