Another place we visited on our tour of Israel earlier this year was Masada. It is a stunning section of isolated rock plateau on the eastern edge of the Judean desert overlooking the Dead Sea.The cliffs on the steepest side are over 400 metres high. However, the top of the site is easily reached today via … Continue reading Masada

The Dead Sea

During our tour of Israel earlier this year, we visited the Dead Sea. It is an amazing body of water. It is 67 x 18 kilometres in size at it widest points, and it is over 400 metres below sea level. The reason it is called 'dead' is because there is inflow but no outflow. As a result, … Continue reading The Dead Sea

Kairos Time

While speaking about time, it is interesting to note that in the Greek language there are two words for time: chronos, which refers to the ongoing forward movement of time, and kairos, which refers to opportunity, or a favorable time. Jesus’ brothers wanted to push him into prominence (seeJohn 7:1-8). Jesus knew that there was … Continue reading Kairos Time

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd was the 26th Prime Minister of Australia. Under his leadership, his party won the November 2007 election against former Prime Minister John Howard. As the new leader, he made major announcements about climate change, education, a national broadband network, and health. He will be remembered for a number of things, including his reading of … Continue reading Kevin Rudd

Leadership Quotes

Here are some thought-provoking good leadership quotes: "Follow me as I follow Christ." [Apostle Paul] "Good leaders come up with answers but great leaders ask the right questions." [Jim Collins] "Leadership must be learned and can be learned." [Peter Drucker] "Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men - the other 999 follow … Continue reading Leadership Quotes