Charter of Rights

Charter of rights Today's post includes excerpts from a recent letter to Australian church leaders from Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby. I encourage you to read it, take appropriate action, and ask others to do the same …

With the National Human Rights Consultation Panel having reported to Government in favour of a Charter of Rights, we have serious concerns that this might become a reality, and that while doing little if anything to improve human rights for the most vulnerable, it would create a serious threat to religious freedom.Read the rest

Free Audio Sermons

Podcast As of this weekend our church is moving all of our weekend messages online and making them available free of charge. We no longer sell CDs or DVDs. Right now there is a library of about 100 messages available. Click here to visit the library.… Read the rest

Pentecostalism (Pt.4)

A few final thoughts for my Pentecostal friends …

I recommend that we continue to be unapologetic about our Pentecostal roots and its distinctive values, while clearly communicating the strengths and weaknesses we see in this movement and our response to them.Read the rest

Pentecostalism (Pt.3)

I also see a number of weaknesses in some of the Pentecostal movement. Obviously, not all of these weaknesses are limited to Pentecostals nor do all Pentecostal churches necessarily exhibit them.

1. Extreme Prosperity Teaching. Many Pentecostal churches have embraced the prosperity gospel which promises riches for those who love and obey God.Read the rest

Pentecostalism (Pt.2)

I see a number of strengths in the Pentecostal faith tradition. Here are a few of the main ones. Obviously, these strengths aren't limited to Pentecostals nor do all Pentecostal churches necessarily exhibit them.

1. The Holy Spirit. The Pentecostal expression of the Christian faith presents God as someone who is not only known by faith and through the Scriptures but who wants to interact with each believer on a daily basis.Read the rest

Pentecostalism (Pt.1)

The Pentecostals are a relatively new section of the Christian Church. For many years they have been considered to be outside mainstream Christianity; but, more recently, due to their phenomenal growth, they have begun to be noticed and heard. Here in Australia, they are the fastest growing of all the churches and their wider influence in society is increasing.… Read the rest