Go With Your Strengths!

Have you ever heard some enthusiastic, optimist person spout statements such as, “You can be anything you want to be” or “What you believe, you can achieve!” As nice as these kind of grandiose motivators may sound, they are not true.
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The Art of Coaching (Part 3)


Graham Alexander developed a simple but effective model (or mental map) for sequencing good questions. It is called The GROW model and it was first published by John Whitmore.

The Grow Model


  • GOAL – “What do you want? What are you trying to achieve?”
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The Art of Coaching (Part 2)


The coaching process involves two aspects: (1) raising awareness and (2) building responsibility.

Creating awareness is all about helping the individual see themselves ("self-awareness") and their situation (what is happening around them) accurately. People can only deal with what they are aware of.… Read the rest

The Art of Coaching (Part 1)


In many ways, all of us are leaders. We influence others – family, friends, neighbours and school or work associates. It may be formally or informally, but it happens. We get to choose whether that influence is positive or negative, helpful or unhelpful. … Read the rest

What’s for Dinner?


So, what's for dinner?

It's a question that comes up most days in most families. 

Personally, I love good food and I have always eaten plenty of it. As a kid growing up, my mother didn't let my sister or me leave the family dinner table until our plate was cleared.… Read the rest