Centre for Public Christianity

    Click here to visit the web site of the newly launched Centre for Public Christianity, a research and media organisation dedicated to promoting a public understanding of the Christian faith.It contains an extensive library on a range of subjects and also a blog. Worth checking out.

Using the Bible to Justify War

Here is a scary article about the use of Biblical texts to justify a recent war. It clearly illustrates the thinking of extreme right-wing fundamentalism at its worst. It sure doesn't represent the heart of Christ or the message of God's kingdom. Click here to read.

Money-Wise: Principles of Financial Management from Proverbs (Pt.2)

Here are three more principles ... 4.      Say “No” to Debt. Proverbs has much to say about avoiding debt. Debt puts a person in bondage and enslaves a person to their creditor (Prov.22:7). Advertising endeavours to make people unhappy with what they have now so that they buy something new or better. This often leads … Continue reading Money-Wise: Principles of Financial Management from Proverbs (Pt.2)

Money-Wise: Principles of Financial Management from Proverbs (Pt.1)

The book of Proverbs contains some excellent wisdom for managing your finances.   Proverbs are not absolute rules for life but rather they are general principles that usually lead to a blessed and happy life. Here are six principles that I gleaned from my reading ...     1.      Live a Righteous Life. Wisdom teaches … Continue reading Money-Wise: Principles of Financial Management from Proverbs (Pt.1)

Australian Federal Charter of Rights

The Commonwealth Government is examining the proposed introduction of a Federal “Charter Of Human Rights” and has appointed Fr. Frank Brennan as Chairperson along with Mary Kostakidis, Mick Palmer and Tammy Williams. They have been tasked with asking the following questions and reporting to the Government. Which human rights and responsibilities should be protected and … Continue reading Australian Federal Charter of Rights

Coffee with …

Looking for a great gift for a book-loving friend? Looking for some short interesting books for your own reading? A while back I was given a few cool little books called 'Coffee with ...' (there are 14 books in the series so far). Each book is a fictional dramatic dialogue with a well-known person based on biographical facts. They … Continue reading Coffee with …

My Favourite Proverbs

Our church family is reading through the book of Proverbs this month - a proverb a day. For some thoughts on Bible reading, click here and here. Click here for some links to some terrific resources for your Bible reading from our church's web site. Want to know more about Bible translations? Click here. Bible software? Click here. As … Continue reading My Favourite Proverbs