Reflections on the Year 2010

Images-33 Today is the last day of 2010 and soon another year will be history and another year (and decade, depending on how you count) will have begun. Each year we all become a little older and life moves forward. I turned 49 this year, so next year is the big 50.… Read the rest

Inside the Christmas Story

Unknown-15 There are lots of things to like about Christmas – the time with family, the holidays, the gifts, the carols, the lights, and the good food. What I like most is the Christmas story itself. Unfortunately, because most of us have heard the story so many times, it can lose it's impact and meaning, simply due to familiarity.… Read the rest

Christmas Day 2010

Unknown-14 Tomorrow is Christmas Day and millions of people around the world will be celebrating the arrival of Jesus Christ into our world over 2000 years ago. Jesus changed the course of history and demonstrated the unfathomable love of God for broken humanity.… Read the rest

Wendell Smith (1950-2010) – a Hero of Faith

Wendell Wendell Smith, the founding pastor of the influential City Church in Seattle, Washington, passed away this week after a 6-year battle with cancer. Wendell was a pastor, a preacher, an author and a leader of leaders. Wendell is survived by his wife Gini, his son and daughter-in-law, Judah and Chelsea Smith, who are now the Lead Pastors of The City Church, and his daughter and son-in-law, Wendy and Benny Perez, pastors of a thriving church in Las Vegas.… Read the rest

FOCUS: What People Need from their Pastor

Images-29 What People Want from their Senior Pastor

REVEAL also included research about what people expect from the Senior Pastor (or Senior Minister – SM). People view the Senior Pastor’s responsibilities as:

1. Serving Advocacy. The SM is expected to be the chief promoter and champion of serving opportunities.… Read the rest

FOLLOW ME: What’s Next For You?

Images-28 There is nothing more difficult to gauge or measure than spiritual growth. However, we must do our best to try. After conducting the REVEAL survey with over 6000 of their own church members and another 300 people who had left their church within the previous year, Willow Creek started involving other churches in the research.… Read the rest

REVEAL Survey (Part 3)

Reveal Twelve bonus discoveries were made from the survey:

  1. Growing up in a church is the leading reason people begin to explore Christianity. Other reasons relate to personal feelings of emptiness or struggle.
  2. People begin attending their church primarily because of a personal relationship or recommendation.
Read the rest

REVEAL Survey (Part 2)

Reveal Willow Creek were shocked with the findings from this survey and spent more than two years assimilating the research. The results have led to a total rethink as to how Willow Creek is coaching Christ-followers. Specifically, they have made three strategic changes:

1. They Changed Their Message to the Congregation.… Read the rest