Connecting Skills – 2. The Art of Listening

Listen Jesus was a person who had so much to say, yet he was a great listener. He was always asking questions. In doing so, he drew people out and got to know them and helped them get to know themselves.

Relationships are built on communication and communication is built on good listening skills.Read the rest


Connecting"Edward Hallowell writes that for most people the two most powerful experiences in life are achieving and connecting. Most of what grabs our attention and commands our energy falls under these two categories.

Connecting has to do with our relational world – things like falling in love, forming great friendships, being cared for when we are sick, or receiving words of deep affection from parents.Read the rest

Day 14 of Prayer – Our World

Prayer As followers of Christ, we are here on this earth to be ambassadors of His kingdom. We are here to bring His rule and reign into every area and arena of life. Take some time to consider and reflect on the issues facing our world right now.Read the rest

Day 13 of Prayer – Leaders

Prayer In many ways, homes, business, organisations, governments and even churches rise and fall on the quality their leadership. Leaders are important because they influence many others. That’s why leaders are often the target of the enemies attack (Matthew

Take some time to pray for our political and community leaders, for church leaders, for leaders or authorities in your own life.Read the rest

Day 11 of Prayer – Cities

Prayer God calls us to pray for the peace of the city in which we live and to seek to be a blessing to it, wherever that may be and no matter how ‘evil’ that city may be. Let’s be more like Abram who even prayed for Sodom that God would preserve it from judgment than Jonah who wanted god to judge Nineveh rather than show it mercy.Read the rest

Day 10 of Prayer – Communities

Prayer God has called each church to have a positive impact on its local community. The church is God’s people called out of the world and then sent back into the world to influence it for God. Consider your local neighbourhood and community.Read the rest

Day 9 of Prayer – the Next Generation

Prayer Each generation has a responsibility to serve God’s purpose for their time in history (see Acts 13:36) and pass on the knowledge of God to the next generation (Psalm 71:18; 78:4-7). That is why children’s and youth ministry are so important within each church community.Read the rest

Day 8 of Prayer – The Family

Prayer God ordained the family as the cornerstone of society. Fathers and mothers play important roles in bringing up the next generation (Deuteronomy 6:1-9). Pray for marriages – that husbands and wives would love and respect each other (Ephesians 5:21-33). Pray for single people that they would find a sense of identity, value, connection, and contribution.Read the rest

Day 7 of Prayer – Sharing Good News

Prayer Jesus gave his followers two great commandments (love God and love your neighbour) and a great commission – to tell others everywhere the good news of his love and of God’s kingdom (Matthew 28:18-20). We are called to BE and SHARE good news wherever we go.Read the rest