Our Approach in the Marketplace …

Images-4 Most Christians and churches today have a variety of approaches to presenting Christ and the gospel in the public marketplace. Some go with "Turn or Burn" while others try "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life." It is important to carefully consider what the gospel actually is and what our approach should be to people we are trying to reach.… Read the rest

Thinking Globally …

Unknown-3While those of us who live here in Australia wait anxiously to see who is going to become our next Prime Minister after such a close federal election, let's be sure to lift our eyes and realise that we are only one small part of what is now a global village.Read the rest

Make Your Vote Count …

Unknown-2This coming Saturday is the Australian 2010 federal election. An election is an important time in the life of any nation and this one is no different. At our church, we do not tell people how to vote or who to vote for.
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The Australian Liberal Party

The Liberal Party of Australia has been the opposition party since losing the 2007 federal election. Prior to that, it had held power since the 1996 election. At the state and territory level, the Liberals hold government only in Western Australia.
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The Australian Labor Party

Images-2The Australian Labor Party has been the governing party in Australia since the last federal election in 2007. Labor currently governs all states and territories other than Western Australia. Labor is the country's oldest political party, having been founded in 1891. 

Julia Gillard is the current leader of the Labor Party and the Prime Minister of Australia.Read the rest

What about Family First?

The Family First political party was founded in South Australia in 2002 and spread nationally in 2004. The Family First party has not sought to promote itself as a Christian or church-based party but rather as a party with a primary focus on looking out for families.
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What about the Australian Green’s Party?

The Australian Green's Party is gaining more and more interest here in Australia, especially amongst the younger generation who seem to be looking for an alternative to the Labor and Liberal political parties. It is estimated that the Greens could win anywhere between 10-16% of the Australian vote. 
There is also a high probability that they will hold the balance of power in the Senate after this election, which will place them in a very influential role, much like Family First member Steve Fielding has had over the last term (Family First does still have a chance to be re-elected if enough people vote #1 for them with their Senate vote). 

Overall, people tend to love the Greens or hate them.Read the rest

Preparing to Vote …

Images-1The Australia federal election is just under two weeks away (Saturday, August 21st). Every election is a very important time in any nation and as followers of Christ we should take our responsibilities as citizens seriously. Voting is a privilege and we should be diligent in our research of each candidate and the various political parties vying for our support.
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A Subversive Poem

Manuscript In the opening of his letter to the Christians at Colossae, the apostle Paul pens a subversive poem that would have grabbed the attention of his listeners and aroused a variety of strong emotions (1:15-23). He was intent on promoting the supremacy of Christ.Read the rest

Are iPad Users Selfish?

Speaking of technology … the uptake on the newly released iPad has been quite phenomenal. Apple is struggling to keep up with orders for its latest cool toy, now taking the marketplace by storm. What do those without iPads think of those who have one?Read the rest