Healing (Pt.2)

Praying for Healing All believers are called to pray for the sick. Here are some principles (not formulas) for praying for the sick. 1. Ask questions about the person’s need. Ask, “Where does it hurt?” or “What do you want me to pray for?” This is not a medical interview in which we probe for … Continue reading Healing (Pt.2)

Healing (Pt.1)

Any visit to a hospital is a vivid reminder of how many people in our world struggle with sickness and suffering every day. The affects of The Fall are evident all around us. So what about healing? God obviously still heals today but many people, including Christians, struggle with sickness. What's up with all of … Continue reading Healing (Pt.1)


A few weeks ago, I went with my family to see Avatar, James Cameron's sci-fi epic - in 3D. What a cinema experience it was. The graphics and special effects are amazing. No doubt this is a huge step forward in movie-making, similar to what happened when The Matrix was releasedback in 1999, with its … Continue reading Avatar