Mark Conner eBooks

EBookThree of my books are now available as eBooks via WORD bookstore here in Australia: Transforming Your Church (Revised Edition), Prison Break and Pass the Baton (2nd Edition). Click here for details and ordering information. Oh, the wonders of modern technology. … Read the rest

GROW – Understanding Stages of Faith

JourneyThis year as a church community we have sensed a need to go deeper and to focus more on our relationship with Jesus and our life as disciples. Our FOCUS for 2011 has been simply: Following Jesus. So far, we have looked at four aspects of following Jesus: SURRENDER, GO, LOVE and DISCOVER.… Read the rest

Justice Trumps Spices (Pt.3)

SpicesPracticing Justice

Let's take this first important matter that Jesus mentions: justice. How can we move from believing in justice to actually living it out in practice? It requires as to ACT and that involves three things:

Awareness - Ignorance is not bliss.

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Justice Trumps Spices (Pt.2)

SpicesWeightier Matters

In the Pentateuch, there was as many as 613 different laws or commandments that God’s people were meant to keep – 248 affirmative commands and 365 negative commands. Debates and discussions often occurred as to which were the more important ones.… Read the rest

Justice Trumps Spices (Pt.1)

SpicesIn Matthew 23, we have a record of Jesus’ strong condemnation of the religious leaders of his day, who had not led the people faithfully and who had become hypocritical and legalistic. Here is one of the seven “woe’s” he gave them: “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees.Read the rest

Recycling Hotel Soap to Save Lives

SoapDerreck Kayongo, from Uganda, is one of this year's Top 10 CNN Heroes nominees. Click here to read his amazing story. Through simple presence of mind, Derreck had an idea to collect used hotel soap, that usually ends up as landfill, and recycle it for use in impoverished nations such as Haiti, Uganda, Kenya and Swaziland.… Read the rest

Abolitionist Sunday

AbolitionThe International Day for the Abolition of Slavery will be recognised by many churches around the country by holding an Abolitionist Sunday on November 20th this year. Although the fight to end slavery is a year round activity, Abolitionist Sunday provides an annual focus for churches to unite in action against this injustice.Read the rest

Tom Wright for Everyone

Tom WrightTom Wright (also known as N.T. Wright) has achieved global recognition as a biblical theologian through his academic and popular publications. He is a leading New testament scholar and former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England. His most academic work is his Christian Origins and the Questions of God series, of which three editions have been released so far.… Read the rest

Evaluating Vitamins and Supplements

PillsOk, so how many vitamins and/or supplements do you take each day? Personally, I take a few tablets with my breakfast each morning – fish oil, vitamin D, and a men's multi-vitamin. The fish oil (Omega 3) helps to keep my cholesterol down a bit and the Vitamin D gives me a little extra energy, especially since I work mainly indoors and don't get a lot of sunshine.… Read the rest