The Amazing Race

Here's a paraphrase by Tom Wright of a well-known Bible text from Hebrews 12:1-3. The book of Hebrews was a letter written to some followers of Christ in the first century who were feeling discouraged because they were experiencing difficulty and persecution in their spiritual journey. How relevant these words are for us today too ...  … Continue reading The Amazing Race


  Gary Kinnaman, a pastor from Phoenix, Arizona, is a good friend of mine who recently ministered at our church in Melbourne. His son, David Kinnaman, is the President of the Barna Group, a ministry which provides research and resources that facilitate spiritual transformation in people's lives.  David's latest book, co-authored with Gabe Lyons, is called … Continue reading UnChristian


 An understanding of perspective is one of the keys to gaining wisdom for life. Here is a simple illustration that shows the importance of perspective ... Imagine a group of people sitting in a circle with a small table in the middle. A few observations ... Firstly, everyone sees the table differently, depending on where … Continue reading Perspective