Your Story

Story Every one of us has a story to tell.

Your life is your story. Your story is your life.

Like a story, your life has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. There is a theme, characters, subplots (work, family, health, happiness, friendship), trajectory, and tone.… Read the rest

President Obama’s Speech

ObamaLast week saw the swearing in of the 44th leader of the United States of America as Barack Obama officially began his role as president.

President Obama's inauguration and speech can be viewed on You Tube by clicking here. A full transcript of his address is available from the New York Times web site (click here).Read the rest

Back from Holidays …

Mark Skiing (2) Our family has been on holidays for the last few weeks, which was really nice. A good holiday for me is one where I don't wear my watch and I've forgotten what day it is!

We had a really relaxing time – eating, playing, laughing, swimming,  reading, and sleeping.… Read the rest


Creativity Creativity – it’s everywhere. Just have a look at the world around you – there is such a variety of shapes, colours, textures, movements, sounds, and even smells. There is nothing bland, boring, or predictable about the world. In fact, there are over 6 billion people on the planet right now and each one of them has a unique fingerprint.Read the rest


Feedback One of the characteristics of wise people is that they are open to feedback. Feedback from other people can give us needed insight not only into our own lives but to any issue or challenge we may be considering. If you reject feedback, you will hinder your own personal growth.Read the rest


Have you been to a funeral lately? If you have, I’m sure you’ve listened to various people give a tribute to the person who has passed away – stories that give you an insight into who the person was and the kind of impact they had on the people in their world.Read the rest

A New Year – A Fresh Start (Pt.7)


Yesterday's question was about listing our various roles so that we get a full perspective on our lives.

Let's move on to our next question …

7. "Which Role is My Major Focus for this Year?"

Could you create a potential breakthrough in your life by selecting one of your roles as your major focus of attention for this year?… Read the rest

A New Year – A Fresh Start (Pt.6)


Find another piece of paper and a pen to write with (or open up a document in your computer word processor).

Here is is our sixth question …

6. "What Roles Do I Play in My Life?"

Answering this question helps you to get an overview of the various aspects and responsibilities of your life.… Read the rest

A New Year – A Fresh Start (Pt.4)


I hope you are taking time to think about and answer each question as we move through this process. This investment of time will pay some good dividends in your life for your future. Personal reflection is a valuable exercise.

A wise man named Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."… Read the rest

A New Year – A Fresh Start (Pt.3)


So far you've given a bit of time to reflect on your successes and your failures, joys and disappointments, victories, and defeats.

Let's move on to the third question now …

3. "What Did I Learn?"

Look back over your answers to the first two questions.… Read the rest