Dealing with Depression (Part 10)


Hope for the Future

The amazing thing about Elijah is that, despite his incredible bout of depression, he continued to minister. God helped him to honour his physical body, he learnt to observe his thinking then renew his mind, God provoked him to action, and then God moved him back into relationship.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 9)


Establish Supportive Relationships

The final lesson we learn from the story of Elijah is to establish supportive relationships. You will notice that Elijah had left his servant just prior to this episode of depression and during this entire incident, he was alone.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 8)


Provoke Yourself to Action

To break free from depression we first honour our body and then we observe our thinking. The next step is to provoke ourselves to action. Here is what God said next to Elijah.

Then the Lord told (Elijah), “Go back the same way you came, and travel to the wilderness of Damascus.Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 7)


Observe Your Thinking

The next step in dealing with depression is to observe your thinking. Let’s keep reading the story.

There (Elijah) came to a cave, where he spent the night. But the Lord said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (1 Kings 19:9)

After the angel attended to Elijah’s physical well-being, God met personally with Elijah.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 6)


Let’s use the word HOPE as an acronym and draw four principles out of the story of Elijah for finding freedom from depression.

Honour Your Body

The first step in dealing with depression is to honour your physical body.  Let’s keep reading.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 5)


Let us look a bit more in depth at one person in Bible times that went through an incredible battle with depression. His name is Elijah. Yes, the great prophet Elijah. Elijah was a prophet in Israel during the time of King Ahab.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 4)


Biblical Examples of Depression

God is very interested in the practical areas of our life, including emotions such as depression. If you look up at the word ‘depression’ in a concordance, you will not find many verses in the Bible on depression, but the concept of discouragement, despair, low mood, and depression are mentioned frequently throughout.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 3)


Attitudes toward Depression

Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to depression, along with a great deal of ignorance and misunderstanding. Some people think that depression is a sign of weakness and that strong people never get depressed. This is simply not true.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 2)


Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a complex subject, as it can take on many different forms and it has a variety of causes, as well as symptoms. Unlike a physical injury or illness, depression is hard to ‘see’, but it is no less painful or difficult to work through.… Read the rest

Dealing with Depression (Part 1)


Back in 2002, I went through what could be called an emotional valley. It took everything within me to get through the day. Each appointment, meeting, task or project seemed like an insurmountable mountain that I had to somehow climb. I was relieved when something was over and I did not experience much joy or pleasure during any of these activities.… Read the rest

The Priority of LOVE (Part 6) – Visible Love

Known by Our Love

Jesus’ dream was that his followers would be known by their love (John 13:34-35). Think of all the various qualities Jesus could have told us to be known for – truth, justice, holiness, or righteousness. All of these are very important, yet Jesus’ desire was that LOVE be the mark, the measure, and the goal for his new community – the church.… Read the rest

The Priority of LOVE (Part 5) – Tough Love

Jesus calls us to a life of love. Sometimes love has to be tough, especially when there has been a conflict.  Arguments and disagreements separate people and create division between friends, families, communities, and even in the church. It takes a great deal of courage, wisdom, and sensitivity to resolve conflicts and restore relationships.… Read the rest

The Priority of LOVE (Part 4) – Awkward Love

The Christian God exists eternally in a Trinity of loving relationships – Father, Son, and Spirit. God created us as the object of his love and invites us to participate in a community of loving friendships. As we fully understand how much God loves us, we are able to love others from a strong foundation of acceptance, significance, security, and purpose.… Read the rest