Don’t forget the Elderly!

Images-8 People frequently say, "Its a young person's world" and it many ways it is. Youth culture dominates our world and especially the entertainment industry. Yet, the largest and fastest growing demographic in many parts of our world is the elderly. With life expectancy continuing to grow, we will continue to see more and more seniors as part of our communities.… Read the rest

Jesus said “Come …”

As we read through the story of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew we see that: Jesus shares his Messianic message about the kingdom of God (Mt.5-7), he engages in a ministry of miracles and signs (Mt.8-9), and he commissions his disciples to participate in his mission (Mt.10).… Read the rest

Fostering Creativity

Images-5 Here are a few thoughts on some ways we can foster greater creativity:

1. Make time for thinking creatively

Set aside regular time for “brainstorming” – by yourself and, better still, with other people and especially with any teams you are a part of.… Read the rest

Creativity Killers

Images-6 Here are a few examples of "creativity killers" – people who were NOT willing to think outside the box:

  • "Everything that can be invented has been invented." [Charles H. Duell, Director of the American Patent Office in 1899]
  • "Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote."
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The Importance of Innovation

Images-4 Innovation is very important for any individual, group or organization – including the church!

A few quotes:

1. “In a period of rapid change, the only ones who survive are those who innovate and create change.” [Peter Drucker – Father of Modern Management in Management, p.357… Read the rest

A Theology of Creativity

Images-3 Let's talk about creativity …

1. God is a Creative God

God invented creativity. He thought it up. It was his idea. Creativity is part of who God is. The fifth word in the Bible is ‘created’ – “In the beginning God created … (Gen.1:1)”… Read the rest

My Church

I pretty much grew up in church. When I was a kid our family went to church three times every Sunday – Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night. When I was nine years of age (back in 1970), my family travelled to America where my dad was one of the speakers for multiple church conventions and camps up and down the West Coast.… Read the rest

A Season of Prayer

Images-2 Many individuals, groups and churches begin the year with a season of prayer. I think it is a great idea. Our church begins a 14 day period of prayer beginning today. We are encouraging everyone to take some additional time aside to pray – personally, with their family or in their small group. … Read the rest

The Power of Gratitude

Images-1 This weekend we took time as a church community to thank God for His blessing and favour, especially over the last 8 years in which we have been working towards our Vision 2010 statement. We want to be like the Samaritan leper who took time to return to Jesus and express his gratitude for the healing he received (Luke 17:11-18), not like the nine, who were obviously pleased to be healed, but who took no time to thank Jesus. … Read the rest

The Year 2011

Unknown This year will be an interesting one … in many ways.

We have four unusual dates:

1. 1/1/11

2. 1/11/11

3. 11/1/11

4. 11/11/11

Then for something really different …

1. Take the last two digits of the year you were born … 

2.… Read the rest