The Priority of LOVE (Part 1)

The fairly new church in the bustling seaport city of Corinth back in AD 65 was booming. It was a dynamic charismatic and Pentecostal community attracting pagans and religious people alike. The meetings were pumping – inspiring worship times, sensational preaching, insightful teaching, as well as regular healings and miracles.… Read the rest

Prison Break: Finding Personal Freedom

PB CoverThe BLOG posts from the last few days about worry are a summary of a chapter entitled "Freedom from Worry" in the best-selling book Prison Break: Finding Personal Freedom.
The rest of the book contains similar practical teaching about:
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom from Anger
  • Freedom from Depression
  • Freedom from Rejection
  • Freedom from Addictions 
  • Freedom from Spiritual Bondages
You can purchase a paperback version of this book from WORD Australia OR a digital eBook version from Amazon.… Read the rest

No Worries! (Part 6)

As you can see from our recent conversation about worry, there are two things not worth worrying about:
  1. Those you can do something about. 
  2. Those you can't do something about. 
Simply take action on the former and trust God and pray about the latter.… Read the rest

No Worries! (Part 5)

Place Your Trust in God
Now let's be honest, there are some things on our list of worries that we can't take action on. They are truly beyond our control. Yes, we can pray about them but we can't do anything about them.… Read the rest

No Worries! (Part 4)

Offer a Prayer to God
In addition to taking action on our worries, we can also pray and talk to God about our concerns. 
The apostle Paul wrote this in a letter to some people living in the city of Philippi the first century (Philippians 4:6-7):
"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.Read the rest

No Worries! (Part 3)

Okay, what next?
Take action on your worries
As you look over your list of worries (you did this yesterday, didn't you?), ask yourself, "Can I do anything about this?"
Turn your worries into actions.… Read the rest

No Worries! (Part 2)

Yesterday, we noted that Jesus tells us to STOP worrying. He doesn't tell us HOW to do so, so obviously he wants us to use our common sense and life experience to figure it out. 
Here are some practical ways I have found that we can actually do that on a day to day basis, using the acronym STOP.… Read the rest

No Worries! (Part 1)

One of the great Australian greetings is, "No worries!" The truth is, we do worry a lot. And let's face it, there is a lot to worry about. We can worry about our health, about our family, our relationships, our money, the weather, our career or job, whether our football team is going to make the finals, and about the future.… Read the rest

The Book of Job and the Question of Suffering (Part 3)

Today, we conclude our reflections on the book of Job.

What the book of Job CAN do for us: 
1.  It teaches us to be careful and compassionate in how we respond to people who are suffering. When people are suffering, they don’t need theological debates (“maybe this is an attack from the devil”), personal accusations (“maybe God is punishing you for sin in your life”) or advice for a ‘quick fix’ to their calamity (“if only you had more faith in God …”).… Read the rest