What Americans think of Islam

IslamBarna Report
: In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, the attention of the media and the American public quickly turned toward the faith and political background of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Reporters honed in on Tamerlan’s apparently deep Muslim faith, especially analyzing if that faith had become radicalized in the last few years.… Read the rest


AnzacTommorrw is ANZAC Day here in Australia. ANZAC Day is commemorated in Australia and New Zealand on April 25th every year to remember members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who landed at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.… Read the rest

Australia’s Population Reaches 23 Million People

OzThe 23 millionth Australian, due to arrive this week, could be a baby called Jack or even a young Pom.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the nation's population is set to hit 23 million people on April 23 at 9.57pm (AEST), but there's only a 40 per cent chance he or she will be home grown.… Read the rest

30 Ways to be Missional in your Workplace

OfficeMany times it’s difficult to find practical ways to be a blessing in your workplace. Rapid pace, mounting deadlines, or co-worker conflict can often derail even the best of intentions to say and show the love of Jesus at work. Yet, it is important for us to know what it looks like to bring gospel intentionality to our jobs. 

Recently, Josh Reeves posted some very practical ideas for blessing others in the workplace.… Read the rest

Are You a Workaholic?

W2Workaholism is probably the only addiction that is rewarded, affirmed & admired. It can be so easily masked as 'diligence'. Yet, without doubt, overwork leads to spiritual dryness and often to eventual relational breakdown. Being a workaholic is not just about working hard, which is a good thing.… Read the rest

You Raise Me Up

EagleOne of my favourite songs is You Raise Me Up as sung by Josh Groban.

Here are the lyrics.



When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;

When troubles come and my heart burdened be;

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,

Until you come and sit awhile with me.Read the rest

Jesus’ and the Routine of Daily Work Life

JesusFor the first 30 years of his life, Jesus was boring.

He was an unknown carpenter who wasn’t doing “big” things for God.

He worked alongside his dad, using his hands to shape, shave and tack together pieces of wood. He quietly studied the scriptures, and grew in stature with God and men.Read the rest

Work Trivia + Some Unusual Jobs in Demand

CareerThis week we've been talking about Your Work, God's Work.

Did you know that the average person today has 5-7 complete career changes in their life time? That's an average of 10 different jobs with an average of 4.1 years at each workplace. 

I sure help the average, having worked as a builder's renovator, a book binder, a printer, a music director, a youth pastor, a church administrator and now as a pastor for the last 18 years.… Read the rest

Rick Warren’s Son, 27, Commits Suicide

The following news report details the recent death of Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew. May our prayers go out to the entire family for God's grace and comfort to be there during this time of tragedy and grief. Mark Conner


The weekend's sermon at Saddleback Church was "Surviving Tough Times," a theme Pastor Rick Warren planned before his youngest son killed himself with a gun Friday.… Read the rest

Your Work, God’s Work (Pt.1)

WorkDid you know that the average person spends about a third of their life working, a third of their life sleeping, and the other third with family or friends (when they are not working or sleeping … or on the internet!).… Read the rest