A New Kind of Pentecostal

Pente The word 'Pentecostal' creates a variety of images and impressions as soon as it is mentioned, depending on an individual's background and personal experience. Pentecost was a feast that the nation of Israel began celebrating at the time of Moses. This day also marked the birth of the church as the Holy Spirit was poured out on 120 praying believers (Acts 2).… Read the rest

Known by our Love

Love Jesus’ dream was that his followers would be known by their love (Jn.13:34-35). Think of all the various qualities Jesus could have told us to be known for – truth, justice, holiness, or righteousness. All of these are very important, yet Jesus’ desire was that LOVE be the mark, measure and goal for his new community – the church.

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Tough Love

Tough Jesus calls us to a life of love. Sometimes love has to be tough, especially when there has been a conflict. Arguments and disagreements separate people and create division between friends, families, communities, and even in the church. It takes a great deal of courage, wisdom and sensitivity to resolve conflicts and restore relationships.… Read the rest

Understanding Women …

Comm Men and women use same words but they sometimes have different meanings. For example when a woman says, “I feel like you never listen,” she does not expect the word “never” to be taken in a literal sense. It is simply a way to communicate the frustration she is feeling at the time.… Read the rest

East Africa Emergency Appeal

Africa Many of you would be aware of the dire situation in East Africa right now. More than 11 million people in the Horn of Africa countries, particularly Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, are in need of our prayers for relief from one of the worst prolonged droughts in 60 years.… Read the rest

Awkward Love

Forgive The Christian God exists eternally in a Trinity of loving relationships – Father, Son and Spirit. God created us as the object of his love and invites us to participate in a community of loving friendships. As we fully understand how much God loves us, we are able to love others from a strong foundation of acceptance, significance, security, and purpose.… Read the rest

Men and Women Communicating

Comm Men and women process information very differently. Women often think out loud, sharing their process with any interested listener. Men, before they talk, silently mull over or think about what they have heard or experienced.

Women tend to process things by talking them through. Men… Read the rest

An Excellent Study Opportunity in Australia

Acom I am commited to life-long learning and have thoroughly enjoyed the formal studies I have done over the years (an MA in Theology with Ridley College and a Doctor of Ministry degree with Fuller Theological Seminary). 

There are many excellent training colleges in Australia including the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) has a partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary where students can do the course while staying in Australia with only one two-week trip to the USA. … Read the rest

Australian 2011 Census

Census This coming Tuesday, August 9th, is national census day here in Australia for all residents. The census seeks to give a clear snapshot of our nation and is conducted every five years. Participation is mandatory for all households. The census can be completed via a paper form or on-line.… Read the rest