How to Connect with God

Connect_with_godA few thoughts from this weekend's message about knowing God better …

Jesus told his disciples to “abide” in him (John 15:5). They were to stay “connected” at all times. The apostle Paul’s one goal in life was to “know God” (Phil.3:7-11).… Read the rest


Fasting As we prepare to commence a fourteen day period of prayer, a few comments about fasting seem appropriate.

In fasting we choose to intentionally go without something for a period of time (usually something pleasurable but not necessarily sinful). It could be food (in a variety of forms) or some other activity (TV, music, etc).Read the rest

14 Days of Prayer

Prayer Prayer is simply conversation with God. It is as important to spiritual life as breathing is to human life. It is an amazing thing that the God of the universe invites as to know him and even to become his friend.Read the rest

Welcome to 2010 …

2010 Well, it's hard to believe – the first month of 2010 is almost history. It just seems like yesterday that we were about to head into the new millennium and everyone was talking about Y2K. Maybe I'm getting older but time does seem to be moving faster.Read the rest

Happy New Year!

NY Happy New Year everyone!

I pray that this year is one of God's further work in and through each one of our lives. May we live in such a way that brings praise and honour to God's name and to extend his kingdom work in the earth.Read the rest