The Tragedy of Halloween

[A guest post by Rev Canon J.John -] The bizarre preoccupation with Halloween shows no sign of abating. Indeed, the enthusiasm with which some shops are marketing this celebration of evil, death and the occult suggests that their owners are banking on huge sales of pumpkins, masks and witches’ hats.. Many concerns have been raised concerning Halloween over the years and the two most … Continue reading The Tragedy of Halloween

Cologne Cathedral – Working for Something that will Outlive You

The Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s most visited landmark, with an estimated 20,000 visitors each day of the year. It is a World Heritage Site and is a stunning example of Gothic architecture.  What is most fascinating about this church building is the fact that it took 100s of years to build. The first part was constructed … Continue reading Cologne Cathedral – Working for Something that will Outlive You

Foster Parenting

In response to Jesus' Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, you can't help but be prompted to take action by doing something for someone in need, such as sponsoring a child or volunteering some time to community organisations who are doing good work in the community. Another excellent ministry to consider is becoming a … Continue reading Foster Parenting