Geelong Cats – AFL Premiers 2009

CatsWhat an incredible AFL Grand Final it was yesterday as the Geelong Cats fought back to defeat the St.Kilda Saints by 12 points in front of just under 99,251 screaming fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The game was an absolute arm-wrestle in freezing conditions with neither team leading by more than 2 goals throughout the entire game.… Read the rest


AbottHere's a funny one about computers.

You have to be old enough to remember Abbott and Costello, and too old to really understand computers, to fully appreciate this. For those who sometimes get flustered by computers, please read on … If Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were alive today, their infamous sketch, 'Who's on First?' might have turned out something like this:

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Managing Transitions

ChangeLeading change is one of the most difficult and important tasks of leadership. Yet it is something God calls each of his leaders to do. God came to Moses and told him they he and Israel had been going around the same mountain long enough and that it was time to "break camp and advance" into their future (see Deut.1:6-7).… Read the rest


Here is an insightful quote I read recently …

   "There is no growth without change …

    There is no change without loss …

    There is no loss without pain."

[From the book Deliberate Simplicity by Dave Browning, p.12]Read the rest

Women in Ministry

I believe that every church should be committed to releasing every person into ministry. Every Christ-follower is 'saved' (not just to go to heaven!) AND 'called' (to a special purpose here on earth – see 2 Tim.1:9). All ministry should be based on 'godliness and giftedness, not gender'.… Read the rest

Women and the Church

Women leading After sixty years of involvement in the Southern Baptist Church, former American President Jimmy Carter has left. Over what? Over his disagreement with their stance over the ordination of women. Read the article here. The SBC articles forbid the appointment of a woman as a pastor, as they see this as a male-only role.Read the rest