The Millennium

One area of debate amongst end time theologians is when the ‘millennium’ (spoken of in Revelation 20:1-6) will be. The millennium is a 1000 year period where believers will rule and reign with Christ on the earth as a reward for their faithfulness. Some people believe that we are in the … Continue reading

A New Prime Minister

Congratulations to Kevin Rudd for his recent election as the new Prime Minister of Australia. Regardless of who you voted for, we need to pray for Mr Rudd, for his party, and for all the candidates who were elected - in both the House of Representative and the Senate. "I urge you, first of … Continue reading

Basic Baptist Bathroom

Some humour for the day ... (with no offence intended to the Baptists!) A very proper lady began planning a week's camping vacation for her and her Baptist Church group. She wrote to a campground for reservations. She wanted to make sure that the campground was fully equipped and modern, but … Continue reading

Australian’s Foreign Aid

Currently Australia spends only 0.3 percent of it's gross national income on foreign aid. This is significantly behind the United Nation's Millennium Development Goal of increasing the developed world's foreign aid giving levels to 0.7 per cent by 2015. People such as Tim Costello, CEO of World … Continue reading


One of the greatest needs today, in people's personal lives and in every arena of society, is the quality of integrity. You can see the need for it everywhere - in government, in business, in education, in law enforcement, in sports, in the media, in the entertainment industry, in personal … Continue reading