Relational Intelligence

I hope you enjoyed our 16-part series of Soul Food with Mark Conner on the important topic of relational intelligence. Life is all about relationships. As we enhance our sense of connection with the people in our life, everybody wins. The topics covered in this Relational Intelligence series were: ListeningEmotional IntelligenceEmpathyAuthenticityLove LanguagesConfrontationForgivenessTrustAtmosphereAngerAcceptanceEncouragementApologyFriendshipAssertivenessFeedback After a brief … Continue reading Relational Intelligence

Soul Food Episode 45 – Assertiveness

One of the keys to good relationships is learning to be ‘lovingly assertive’. Yes, it really is possible to be both ‘loving’ and ‘assertive’. Some people tend to be ‘under-assertive’. They can’t set boundaries or limits. They can never say “no” ... or at least not without feeling guilty. They are easily manipulated by stronger … Continue reading Soul Food Episode 45 – Assertiveness

Soul Food Episode 44 – Friendship

Have you noticed that humans have an inbuilt longing for connection with other people? Of course, good relationships and friendships don’t just ‘happen’. They have to be cultivated and nurtured intentionally. Each of us has various circles or levels of friendship. • Acquaintances – these are the dozens and maybe even 100s of people you know but … Continue reading Soul Food Episode 44 – Friendship