Developing Confidence (Pt.4)

Confidence Builders Your confidence can grow. What from? Here's a list that I collected from our recent staff meeting: Faith in God. Encouragement and affirmation from other people. Success. Good preparation. Self-belief. Someone believing in you. Forgiveness. The company we keep. Experience. Being empowered by others. Training. God's Word. An encounter with God. Using your … Continue reading Developing Confidence (Pt.4)

Developing Confidence (Pt.3)

Confidence Knockers Your confidence will come under attack. What from? Here's a list that I collected from a recent staff meeting as we all brain-stormed around our life and leadership experiences: Doubt. Mistakes or failure. Fear. Criticism or negative words from other people. Disappointment. Intimidation. Negative 'self-talk'. Unmet expectations. Lack of knowledge. Poor physical health. Tiredness. … Continue reading Developing Confidence (Pt.3)


Ten tips for supporting someone who is grieving: • Offer practical support such as meals, shopping, gardening, errands, lifts, etc. especially in the early days. • Accept that everyone grieves differently. Grief is a normal and natural response to loss but everyone grieves differently. • Don't judge. There is no right or wrong way to … Continue reading Grief

Responding to Domestic Violence

Right now, our vision as a church is to see over 10,000 stories of transformation. Recently, we have had a number of moving stories about individuals coming out of domesitc violence situations. These are people who once felt isolated, hopeless, and helpless. Now they feel cared for and looked after. These stories provide hope for anyone affected by domestic … Continue reading Responding to Domestic Violence