The Church of Jesus Christ

ChurchOver 2,000 years ago Jesus said that he would build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The church is his master project. Nothing else occupies his mind and heart as much as this. The church is not a building, not an organisation and not an event.… Read the rest

Theological Reflections

TheoTheology may sound a bit boring and heady, but it's really not. It is simply the study of God. Of course, God is not someone we can put under a microscope and fully understand. He is beyond our comprehension. nevertheless, as creations of God, its important that we take time to think about our Creator – to reflect on who he is and what's like, as well as what he's up to in the world.… Read the rest

Quotes worth Quoting

QuotesWords have great power. With them God created the world. However, we live in a wordy world, where words can lose their impact and importance. Sometimes we're saying so much … but really saying so little.

I love quotes – words from people who have engaged their brain and heart before opening their mouth.… Read the rest

Think About It

ThinkLooking for some short inspirational thoughts for the day?

I have a host of them available for you. These are transcripts of some 60 second spots I have done for LIGHT FM, one of Melbourne's best radio stations, growing in popularity every year, with a broad audience of listeners.… Read the rest

A Book Lover’s Delight

ReadEveryone has a weakness. Mine is books. There is a certain joy in buying a book and putting it on your shelf … even if you haven't read hte last 10 books you bought. Fellow addicts will identify with me right away.… Read the rest

The Joy of Laughter

LaughThey say that laughter is good medicine. I believe that is true. Life can be stressful and draining at times. However, we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Joy is different than happiness in that it does not depend on what is happening to us.… Read the rest

Best Movies of 2011

TodayEveryone loves a good movie but sometimes it can be hard to find a good one. Hours can be spent in your local DVD shop browsing through what seems like an endless array of violence, sex and pointless comedy.

Christianity Today issues a list of what they believe are the most redeeming movies each year.… Read the rest