7 Prophetic Shifts

GearsGod calls his leaders to create movement by guiding His people forward towards God's purposes for their lives (see Deut.1:6-7; 2:3). To do this, leaders need to talk about where we have come from (the past – history and heritage), where we are now (the present – what God is saying today), and where we are gong (the future). … Read the rest

LightFM – Melbourne Radio

Unknown-13 LightFM has been functioning as a fully fledged radio in Melbourne for 8 years now. Latest research indicates that 473,000 people listen each week – about half of whom have no Christian connection. This places them in the top 10 of all radio stations in Melbourne.… Read the rest

Pause and Reflect …

Images-25 In many ways, our life is like a journey. Listen to the language David uses about his life in Psalm 23: "He leads me beside still waters … He leads me in paths of righteousness … even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death … goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life … (Ps.23)”Read the rest

Ancient Practices (#7) – Listening

Images-24 As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called into a relationship with Him. Christianity is not just a religion OR even a certain set of beliefs OR even a certain set of practices, as important as they are. It is about a relationship with the living God.

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The Power of Accountability

I have always had a huge appetite and up until the age of 40, I was able to burn it off. I never put on weight and was always on the skinny side. I remember once at my Year 12 graduation celebration finishing off two huge 'pig troughs' - the biggest item on the menu at an ice cream restaurant in America called Farrells.… Read the rest

The Controversy of the Sacred Meal

Partaking in the Sacred Meal links us with brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world today and in an unbroken line right back to the very first disciples of Jesus over 2000 years ago.

Yet, sadly this meal has become a major source of division and disunity within the church of Jesus Christ throughout the centuries.… Read the rest

Ancient Practices (#6) – The Sacred Meal

Bread-and-wine1 A very important ancient practice for disciples is regular participation in the Lord’s Supper. This sacred meal is known by a number of terms including breaking bread, the table of the Lord, communion, and the Eucharist (which means thanksgiving).  Jesus instituted this practice when eating with his disciples just before his death (see Matt.26:26-29.… Read the rest

It Was on The Cross

Unknown-12 Quite a number of years ago I read a letter from a person very involved in the publication of worship choruses. They noted that there seemed to be less and less songs about the cross and the blood of Jesus – those aspects that are central to our faith as Christians.… Read the rest

Ancient Practices (#5) – Sabbath

Images-23 Jesus tells us in Mark 2:23-28 that the “Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath.” In other words, God’s intention in instituting the Sabbath Day was for our own benefit. In reality, Jesus never violated God’s Sabbath. He simply confronted the religious leader’s additional rules and traditions they had added to God’s command.… Read the rest

Science and Religion

Images-22 A recent article in Christianity Today by Andy Crouch highlights the ongoing somewhat awkward relationship between science and faith. Elaine Howard Euklund expands our understanding of this relationship in her new book Science and Religion: What Scientists Really Think. Her research reveals that "… a whopping 64 percent of elite scientists are atheists or agnostics (compared with 6 percent of all Americans), while a vanishing 2 percent (roughly three dozen of her 1,700 subjects) are evangelical Christians.… Read the rest