Many have lauded the election of President Barack Obama as a new day for African-Americans, after a long history of abuse and mistreatment. Unfortunately, racism is still alive and well in America. 

Click here to read a shocking report of recent incidents since the election.… Read the rest “Racism”

Billy Graham turns 90

Billy Last week, on November 7th, Billy Graham turned 90 years of age. He is one of the most well-known Christians in the world today and through his evangelistic ministry he has preached to over 215 million people. Through many decades of ministry he has remained humble and he has lived with utmost integrity, a shining example to all.Read the rest “Billy Graham turns 90”

Spiritual Abuse (Pt.2)


Today we continue speaking about a very important subject – spiritual abuse.

Peter Nash (former director of our church's counseling and community ministries and now school chaplain of Waverley Christian College) shared an important message with our church a few years back entitled Spiritual Abuse – When the Church Becomes Unsafe.Read the rest “Spiritual Abuse (Pt.2)”

Water Baptism


Water baptism services are a terrific time with an atmosphere of celebration and joy as friends and family members gather to show their support to those taking this significant step in their spiritual journey.

Why be baptised in water?

First of all, because Jesus commanded it (see Mark 16:16.… Read the rest “Water Baptism”

A New American President

ObamaYesterday, the American people voted in a new president – Barack Obama. Winds of change are in the air and there is a lot of anticipation about what kind of leadership Obama will bring to his nation.

There is no doubt that he is a charismatic speaker who has captured the attention of people from all sectors of society.Read the rest “A New American President”