Many have lauded the election of President Barack Obama as a new day for African-Americans, after a long history of abuse and mistreatment. Unfortunately, racism is still alive and well in America.  Click here to read a shocking report of recent incidents since the election. Prejudice based on skin colour is not only sad, it … Continue reading Racism

Water Baptism

Water baptism services are a terrific time with an atmosphere of celebration and joy as friends and family members gather to show their support to those taking this significant step in their spiritual journey. Why be baptised in water? First of all, because Jesus commanded it (see Mark 16:16. Matthew 28:16-20) and obedience to his commands is a demonstration … Continue reading Water Baptism

Obama or McCain – who would you vote for?

On Tuesday, November 4th, Americans will vote for a new president as their presidential election takes place. Who will win - Barack Obama or John McCain? Who would you vote for? Some people tend to vote more 'conservative' while others vote on the 'liberal side'. Here is an article on the election by American political commentator, Jim Wallis … Continue reading Obama or McCain – who would you vote for?