Love for a Lifetime – Building a Great Marriage (P.4)

So far, we're looked at friendship and partnership as two keys to a great marriage. Today, we'll look at the third key to building a great marriage which is …. 3. Good Communication Someone once said, “Marriage is one long conversation, with an occasional disagreement along the way.” A good marriage requires continual quality communication … Continue reading Love for a Lifetime – Building a Great Marriage (P.4)


Have you ever noticed that bad things sometimes happen to good people? It’s one of those contradictions in our world. It doesn’t always make sense.   Think about Job, a man who lived back in Bible times. He had a whole bunch of bad stuff happen to him … even though he was a good … Continue reading Comfort


Take a moment to think about the people who have had the greatest positive influence on your life. I’m sure there’s at least one or two you can think of. Then ask yourself what it was about them that caused them to impact you so much. Summarise it in a few words.   I’m sure … Continue reading Example


Money … everyone wants more of it. Somehow we think it is the answer to all of our problems. No doubt money has great power … for good or for evil. It all depends on our attitude towards it and how we use it. One of your goals should be to be financially ‘free’. In … Continue reading Money


Decisions … we make them every day. Yet, think about how important they really are. You might have heard the funny story about the successful businessman who was asked by a young man what the key to his success was. After thinking for a moment, the businessman answered, “Good decisions, that’s the key”. The young … Continue reading Decisions

God’s Sheep

Each Christian is described as one of God’s 'sheep', who He personally loves and cares for. He delegates this responsibility of care to leaders in the church, or shepherds who represent Him on earth. Notice Jesus’ last concern as He spoke to Peter before He ascended to heaven. Three times He said to Peter, “Feed … Continue reading God’s Sheep