Evangelism for Non-Evangelists (Part 3)

3. Create Evangelistic Opportunities The third thing that evangelists should do is to create evangelistic opportunities for people. The Great Commission involves both “Go” (Matt.28:18-20) and “Come and see” (John 4:29). In other words, believers are to go and share their faith out in the world and they are to invite their friends to come … Continue reading Evangelism for Non-Evangelists (Part 3)


‘Margin’ – every book has one. Margin is the space between the words and the edge of the page. It helps the book breath a little. Unfortunately, most of us live our lives without any margin. It’s a modern day problem: margin-less living. We fill our lives to capacity. There’s no space, no room to … Continue reading MARGIN


Have you ever felt rejected? Pretty much all of us have at one time or another. Maybe you were teased during your school years – just because you were different than everyone else. Maybe you were laid off from your job for no good reason – they said you were ‘redundant’. Maybe you were an … Continue reading REJECTION


We live in a world in desperate need of more and better leaders. Leaders are people who can see a picture of a better future and then motivate other people to work together to make that vision a reality. Leaders create movement. They’re always pressing forward to bring about positive change. In a sense, we’re … Continue reading LEADERSHIP