Evangelism for Non-Evangelists (Part 4)

4. Keep the Passion Alive

Priorities can be easily replaced by other seemingly urgent or pressing matters. As we become busy with so many things in church life we can begin to drift from our mission. That’s why the work of an evangelist also involves keeping the evangelistic passion of a church community alive and bright hot.… Read the rest

Evangelism for Non-Evangelists (Part 3)

3. Create Evangelistic Opportunities

The third thing that evangelists should do is to create evangelistic opportunities for people. The Great Commission involves both “Go” (Matt.28:18-20) and “Come and see” (John 4:29). In other words, believers are to go and share their faith out in the world and they are to invite their friends to come and see the activity of God within the church community.Read the rest

Evangelism for Non-Evangelists (Part 2)

2. Equip People to Share their Faith

The second thing we must do if we are to do the work of an evangelist is to train people to share their faith. One of the tasks of an evangelist it to “equip” the entire church to do the ministry of evangelism (Eph.4:11-12).… Read the rest

Parenting Teenagers

TeenYou may or may not have a teenager in your life right now but these years are often stereo-typed by rebellion and relational difficulties. This can cause a lot of parents to experience a great deal of fear as their children approach the teenage years.… Read the rest

Information Overload

Information_overload_2One of the challenges we face today is ‘information overload’. Knowledge is increasing at such a frenetic pace and it’s just so hard to keep up with everything. It is estimated that human knowledge is now doubling every 10-15 years.

We can so easily feel overloaded and stressed by it all.… Read the rest


Margin‘Margin’ – every book has one. Margin is the space between the words and the edge of the page. It helps the book breath a little.

Unfortunately, most of us live our lives without any margin. It’s a modern day problem: margin-less living.… Read the rest


FamiliarOne of the most dangerous yet subtle enemies in our lives is a thing called familiarity.

It is so easy to take things in life for granted – to become familiar with them.

When things are new and fresh they often have a lot of excitement linked to them.… Read the rest


Open I’ll never forget having lunch with an influential leader a while back. I asked him how he was doing and he went on to tell me how great things were and about all the good things happening in his life. He then asked me how I was doing.… Read the rest


Have you ever felt rejected?

Pretty much all of us have at one time or another.

  • Maybe you were teased during your school years – just because you were different than everyone else.
  • Maybe you were laid off from your job for no good reason – they said you were ‘redundant’.
Read the rest


LeadersWe live in a world in desperate need of more and better leaders. Leaders are people who can see a picture of a better future and then motivate other people to work together to make that vision a reality. Leaders create movement.… Read the rest


ResponsibilityI’ll never forget when our kids were much younger, one of them running into our bedroom on a Saturday morning while we were sleeping and saying, “Dad, someone wet my bed”! I said, “What?” “Someone wet my bed”. I said, “Well, no-one’s been in your bed but you; it must have been you”.… Read the rest


ForgiveMany years ago I was on a building site and I was cutting through a piece of wood with an electric saw. Unfortunately, I cut through the wood and then took a chunk out of my finger. There was blood gushing everywhere.… Read the rest