Video Messages

From time to time, I have people asking me about where they can listen to messages of me speaking. My web site now has a page with a variety of media links – including videos of messages I have given recently at different churches and over the last few years, as well as some worship videos/audios too.… Read the rest

Mark Conner’s Web Site Update


Just for your awareness, my web site is undergoing an update at the moment. Soon there will be new graphics, new pictures, and my BLOG and web site will be integrated into one location. As the renovation continues, here are a few things that are new – all accessible via the Main MENU on the front page:

  1. My speaking schedule, outlining the places and events that I am speaking at.
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The Smart Phone?

I love my mobile phone. I have had one ever since they first came out back in the 1990s. I've moved from the Motorola brick size ones … to the flip lid … to a few versions of the Nokia … and now I have my faithful iPhone 6 Plus (no, I never had a Blackberry or a Samsung).… Read the rest

Taming the Email Monster (Part 4)

EmailMonstersmallSo how do we manage all that incoming email? Here are a few tips:

1. Make Your Email Inbox an 'In' Box.

Make your email Inbox a processing station, not a holding station. Imagine if you left all your paper letters in your physical letter box at the front of your house for weeks on end.… Read the rest

Taming the Email Monster (Part 3)

EmailMonstersmallLet's face it, we all send emails to other people and add to their inbox. So let's talk today about how to write effective emails.

1. Don't Over-Communicate by Email. 

As we have already noted, a big source of stress for people, especially at work, is the sheer volume of emails they receive.… Read the rest

Taming the Email Monster (Part 2)

EmailMonstersmallYesterday, we briefly referred to the exponential changes that have taken place over the last 500 years in the way we communicate with one another.

Today let's talk about some of the challenges of email.

1. We often feel expected to reply immediately.Read the rest

Taming the Email Monster (Part 1)

EmailMonstersmallLet's do a quick tour of how communication has changed over the last 500 years.

  • In Britain in 1500, only 5-10% of the population could read or write. Wow! What did they do. They probably talked to each other – sharing stories in person.

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Developing New Habits


Habits are what we do habitually, automatically or without thinking. They are very powerful! An old poem puts it like this:

    Sow a thought, reap an act

    Sow an act, reap a habit

    Sow a habit, reap a character

    Sow a character, reap a destiny.Read the rest

A Blogger’s Creed


In our world of social media, it seems like everyone has a platform from which to share their opinion. The benefit of this is that it gives everyone a voice and it encourages open dialogue. The downside is when people get to preaching without listening or considering their tone and the impact that their words have on the listeners.… Read the rest

Is it worth buying an iPad?

IpiPads or portable computing devices seem to be all the rage nowadays. If you like technology, they can sure be a fun and beneficial device, enhancing our lives and work in amazing ways. 

I love this brief video clip (in German but easily understandable in any language) about a daughter asking her father how the new iPad she bought him for his birthday is going … enjoy πŸ™‚

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The Future of Social Media

2014Facebook, Instrgram, Twitter and Snapchat. Welcome to the exploding world of Social Media. Where will it all go and what trends are trending into 2014? Ryan Holmes, the CEO of HootSuite, a social relationship platform, recently wrote for Fortune magazine outlining five trends that could be poised to shake up the industry and the way we use social media in 2014:

1. The rise of ephemeral social networks.… Read the rest

Social Media Explained



 Social-media is slowly creeping into all areas of the web. Even websites and services that have no social features usually place a Facebook or Google+ like button somewhere to help spread the word of their existence. Even so, it’s quite difficult to explain to someone new to the Internet, or social aspects of the web, exactly what this social media revolution is.… Read the rest