The Centrality of Worship

WorshipAll kingdom work is worship. Or to put it another way, worshipping the God we see at work in Jesus is the most politically charged act we can ever perform. Christian worship declares Jesus is Lord and that therefore, by strong implication, nobody else is.… Read the rest

Jesus in all the Books of the Bible

ScriptLuke tells us a story of two disciples who were sad and discouraged by the recent events they had experienced in the city of Jerusalem (Luke 24:13-35).They had hoped that this man called Jesus would have been the Messiah – the one who would deliver Israel.There were so many expectations raised by the birth of this child just a few decades earlier – barren women giving birth in old age, angels appearing, wise men coming from the East and prophetic words being given.… Read the rest

Silent Night Story

SilentSilent Night is one of the most popular carols sun across the world at this Christmas season. There are many romantic stories about how it was composed. Here is one of them that may contain an element of truth to it …

On Christmas Eve 1818 in Austria, the Vicar of a small church in Oberndorf had written a new song to be sung on Christmas Day.… Read the rest

Ever Felt Dry Spiritually?

DryHave you ever felt dry spiritually? Sometimes our faith can get a little old and our love relationship with Jesus is not what it once was. We're not in "first love" anymore. Stuff has happened. Things have changed. 

Sometimes, we get stuck here … like a rut that we just can't seem to get out of. What do you do?… Read the rest

The Upside of Discomfort?

RunLong distance runner, Dean Karnezes, recently said,

"Western culture has things a little backwards right now. We think that if we had every comfort available to us, we’d be happy. We equate comfort with happiness. And now we’re so comfortable we’re miserable.Read the rest

Back to First Love

Jesus' message to the church at Ephesus is always a challenging one. They were doing a lot of good things and church was going along as usual … yet the love that they had for God and each other at the beginning had faded.… Read the rest

Knowing God More

GodBack in the 1980s, Steven Fry wrote a musical entitled We Are Called. It was an outstanding call to worship and our team presented it numerous times. It contains some inspiring songs. One of favourites is Oh, I Want to Know You More, which was written during a spiritually dry period in Steve's life.… Read the rest

Australian Human Rights Award goes to Tony and Lisa Clark

TonyCongratulations to Tony and Lisa Clark who were selected as the winners of the Australian Human Rights Commission – Community Organisation award at a ceremony in Sydney today.

Tony, who founded Swags for Homeless in 2007, started the non-profit homeless charity in Melbourne when he questioned what was given to street sleeping homeless turned away from shelters.… Read the rest

Growing in the Dark

DarkJesus clearly explained to his followers that in this life there would be a good deal of challenges and difficulties (John 16:33). However, they were to not be overwhelmed by them knowing that they can overcome and continue to live with God's peace and joy, regardless of the circumstances.… Read the rest