Here are 10 reasons why I started a Blog:

  1. It’s a chance for me to share a variety of things that I think and feel that I don’t always have a forum for or time to speak about. A blog is essentially a unique communication tool. It’s a bit like a free-flowing coffee shop conversation – casual, friendly and open.
  2. It’s enables people to get to know me a bit better. Through my blog, I can tell some of my own story and journey. This is especially important in a large growing church where I can’t spend time with each person one on one.
  3. It’s an opportunity for me to share what I am learning.
  4. It gives me the ability to pass on resources to other people that may help them. I like to write a few brief things on a topic then provide links where people can find out more information or recommend books for people to do further reading. A blog is about knowledge sharing.
  5. I like to hear feedback on various issues and topics. That’s why I try to read every comment that is posted on my blog. Although I can’t answer them all, I can keep a listening ear to what other people are thinking and feeling.
  6. It provides a forum for people to engage in a conversation about a topic of their interest. I enjoy stimulating people’s thinking and then listening in to what they have to say. Blogs can connect people and build community.
  7. Amazingly, it enables me to connect with people all around the world. It’s a global communication tool.
  8. I enjoy writing and putting my thoughts into words.
  9. I like new technology and I enjoy learning new things.
  10. It’s fun!

Some people ask about how much time it takes me, especially when I’m already so busy. Essentially, making a single post is as simple as writing an email. You type in a subject or title, then the body of the text, then press ‘post’ and presto … there it is on your blog (or you can choose to have it published at a later time – enabling you to write a bunch of posts at one time and release them a day at a time, which is pretty cool). I use a blog program called TypePad, as it’s simple to use and professional looking.

For those that want to learn a lot more about the world of blogging, I recommend The Blogging Church by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch, a publication by Leadership Network that has just been released. I found it very helpful and gleaned a lot of ideas for making my blog even better. 

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Blog

  1. It is great to check out your thoughts on different things- the topics are really relevant. I have really been enjoying taking a peek every couple of days and getting challenged or inspired! It has been a real blessing. Thanks Mark.

  2. Hehe yeah I agree with Sarah, I’ve been checking your blog maybe once or twice a week, I find it really interesting and informative.
    I like blogging because it’s a non-threatening conversational / journal-like way to communicate with my friends & family. I’ve found my blog helps me share my faith with my non-Christian family. That, and it is a convenient method of procrastination when I really should be writing uni assignments. Like right now!

  3. It’s in my feed reader and it’s a must read
    For those who would question the time value of this, they just have not yet discovered the incredible value of blogging!
    It helps you keep your ear to the ground.
    Richard Branson famously would never, ever use focus groups. Every day – even up to today – he makes contact with five Virgin Airlines customers and talks to them about his experiences.
    By doing this he stays connected to the heart-beat of his customers.
    This is true of blogging – the Senior Pastor can be surrounded by all sorts of advisers and counsellors.. junior pastors even.. yet fall hopelessly out of touch if he is not connected with the laity of his church.

  4. G’day Mark,
    great blog site – I enjoy reading your views on current issues & personal development. Thanks for sharing these.

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